Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And courtesy of photographers Glenn Dominy and Ansley Stone

What a lucky mommy I am to have such precious memories documented so beautifully! Thanks Ansley and hubby!


Aubrey's wedding...third post is for real!

My sister, Aubrey and brother in law, Matt were married in January.

We flew out to Fort Walton Beach, FL on Thursday. On Friday morning we drove to Mexico Beach, FL. On the way we stopped and got the marriage certificate at a cute little courthouse bayside. Saturday we prayed for beautiful weather. The rain stayed away, but the brutal cold set in. We had a good easy going day, trying to find a nail salon in the little town, and getting ready for the "I do's." Aubrey's wonderful photographer, Kim Stone, her husband, and Matt surprised Aubrey with a pretty structure to get married under :) Off we went, into the cold and off to the beach! Throughout the wedding I lost one of my earings ~ push present from the hubby ~ bummer! The wedding was perfect! Glenn served as Rev G and announced them Mr and Mrs Matt Heimbaugh. The wedding was all about Aubrey and Matt and I couldn't think of something more perfect for the two of them. I wish them the best of luck and the happiest of days for the future!

Enjoy! Please visit Kim Stone if you want to see more of her wonders! She is part of my sister's dream wedding in a very big way. PS- sorry they are all out of order, without enough energy after uploading these monster photos to re-arrange!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Of my sweet sisters wedding. I guess this could be the second preview, but this time me and my loves!

All of the beautiful photos from here wedding were taken by the one and only Kim Stone.

Valentines Day, Camping and Naked Tushies

Don't you think they go together well?

Instead of posting multiple times in one night, I figured I would just make one big giant post with tons of great photos!

I have been busy lately...very busy. I have been trying hard to juggle life as a wife, mother and VP of a busy company. It is a challenge on normal days, and impossible on challenging days. I have also been participating in an awesome Beth Moore bible study, Stepping Up, which has replaced my nightly photo uploading and blog times each night (I am not able to muster the discipline to wake up to God each morning, so instead I go to bed dreaming of Him, and all His glory! A perfect alternative that fits my life right now)

I am also certain that on my husband's camera there are photos that fall before those I will post in a moment, therefore causing some of my future blogs to fall out of order.

Valentines weekend was spent in Galveston (oh that is what is on hubby's camera) at my mother's beach house, visiting the aqaurium, beach drives, family breakfast, and an awesome lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We came home and started Vday with presents! Then off to church, a visit to Bass Pro Shops, a new tent for the boys (which is appropriately placed in the play room), of course puchases of new toy guns (I initially had a hate relationship with my boy's infatuation with everything guns, but now it is a love hate relationship. I apologize if they offend anyone in the following photos), and a nice dinner for two for the husband and I.

Enjoy the photos!

Valentine Cutie

Tent Time

Valentine playtime

Nakes Tushies