Friday, July 31, 2009

Maternity & Family Photos- peek!

We had some shots done of us in celebration of Reid. I didn't have any professional photos done with either Ayden or Mason. I really wanted to capture this last pregnancy for us. I also adore the way the boys respond to the my belly!

Kim, our friend, offered to take the photos of us, and we got to do them in Reid's room! It was super special and we had a great time! Here are some of the first edited ones, hot off the press. I will post my favs later. I am 37 weeks in these pics!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

37 weeks! FULL TERM!

I am happy to be considered full term today! It makes me anxious and nervous.

With Reid's two vessel cord, and kidney functions, he could be happy as a clam in there, or things could start to not support him and his size. I will see the specialist again next week and then starting the week around 38 weeks, we will do non-stress tests to check him out.

Just getting last minute things ready for our little guy and still not sleeping. I wish I could say I would start sleeping soon, but that is not likely in the next 8 months to a year.

Our little guy is on average 19 inches long, and the length of this odd vegetable!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

36 weeks on July 23rd

Last week I was 36 weeks!

Tuesday I had an appt. Baby is high high up there, floating around in his happiness. I was a fingertip dialated, and 20% effaced. Which means a lot of nothing is going on in there! He is happy and content.

My only complaint is the extreme lack of sleep! I think my husband is going to move out of our bedroom. I toss and turn and pee every 45 minutes. He feels it all, cause I am not exactly discreet about all the movements.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have two little fish!

I got a new camera and had to try it out- I would definitely say the difference between 12.1 megapixles and 7.2 is HUGE. And I just figured out it took forever for them to upload!


Circus Fun

We went to the circus at the end of last week! We had a great time! We splurged on some awesome tickets, and got to have second row action, with tables and food throughout! The boys were glued to the show the entire time, and had a blast. Ayden has asked to go back almost every day!

Here a few of our favorites!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Mason

Mason's birthday party was today. In the land of NO RAIN. So what do you suppose happened at the party that took pregnant lady several trips to the store, and 2 days of intense planning and prepping? It TYPHOONED on us. Hard core rain. Right when we had just served dinner. Sideways rain, lightening, LOUD thunder about one hour into the party. As we were rushing all the water soaked food and place settings inside, the power went OUT! Oh my. Hot, fun, loud, stuffy, messy 3 year old birthday party went on rain or snow. We had a wonderful time, and all of our fantastic friends reminded me to sit, take it easy and were a tremendous help! Our families were a blessing, and all helped out, and Glenn and I couldn't of done it without my Mom who was here all day. Mason was blessed with wonderful gifts, that he is anxiously awaiting opening.

35 weeks!

Little Reid is the size of a small watermelon. So why it feels like a LARGE watermelon, who the hey knows!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Shower- 34 weeks 2 days

My sweet friends and family came to our shower, hosted by Grit and Carol today! I hadn't thought that I wanted or needed a shower, but I am so glad they pushed. We did diapers and food, and I think I have enough diapers for an army of babies. It was wonderfully amazing. I loved the colors- matching the room colors for Reid. The decorations, food and fun were lovely. We played some cute games that we haven't played at several showers lately. My friends also made me a birthing necklace, and wished me luck and words of love for our natural childbirth with Reid. It was so special and the necklace is lovely. Enjoy the photos....

34 weeks 2 days
Wyatt and Kasey- cutie
Vicki and I
Kim won a game!
Mimi, Jojo, and Gigi. We missed Oma and Aunnie tons!
Birthing Necklace, made with love for me to wear during our birth
Diaper cake with his 3D ultrasound on the top
Homeade decor by Carol
Awesome big brother frame~ almost made me teary
Beautiful favors
Vicki framed my invitation

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh Ayden

During our ultrasound appt yesterday, Glenn had my phone and was screening calls from my office regarding payroll. While I was looking at our little guy in amazament at the screen, he answered and began talking to a female. After a minute or so I was wondering who that was- as he had not passed the phone to me yet.

He hung up and told me it was LeAnn, our sweet summer nanny. Mason had thrown an airplane at Ayden and it sliced his head. The bleeding had stopped, but the cut was open and she wondered if he needed stitches. Glenn was kind of speaking slowly and calmly and not very rushed in his demeanor. I think before he was done, I was enthusiastically telling him to go....quickly go see how Ayden was. So Glenn headed home, and I stayed, due to the probe and goo on my belly.

On my way home, Glenn told me it was worth me coming home to look at. I got home, and all was calm. All blood had been cleaned up, which was nice for me, and Ayden was waiting to be examined by his momma. Adyen told me the blood went down his face. Nice mental photo ther. And the verdict- off to the doctor we go. BUT wait- nope not the doctor, can't be that lucky. His pediatrician's office does not treat head and face wounds in office. Oh dear. So off to the ER we go.

It wasn't a horrible visit. Adyen was impatient in the room, but did just fine. Since his cut was on his hair line, they were able to use his hair from either side of the wound, and tie and twist it into place and then add the glue. Thank goodness for no stitches. He still was his dramatic little self even with the hair twisting and tying.

Ayden is not premitted to swim or sweat a lot for 2 weeks. I am hoping that the glue starts to peel away and that is closer to a week's worth of time. We have a very important pool party to attend next Saturday for a special three yr old. We also have plans to go to Splash Town next Sunday. I am hoping a tight fitting swim cap may keep out the water.

Through the visit my little man kept smiling....

C-Shaped cut that spread open

A little further away- you can see his cheeks are grinning

Always say cheese, even with a head cut

The only thing left is purple glue and a little spike in his hair

Finally caught up! 34 weeks

Yesterday was a busy day. First was the reality that in 6 weeks or less I will have three kids. Oh my Oh my. The reality check went on to that being three BOYS when I was taking my oldest to ER for a small head wound. But I will have another post dedicated only to him next.

At 34 weeks, Reid is the weight of a canteloupe. At the office the little baby no longer fits on the cute little shelf. It has temporarily moved to the desk area.

We had our 2nd ultrasound Thursday morning. It went so well. He is growing at a good rate. All of his measurements were between 33wks5days and 35 weeks. With his noggin being on the larger side (measuring 35 weeks). Of course that would be the case. They estimated his weight at 5.2lbs, right on track with a bit of a bigger baby, but not too scary. His kidneys had no change. You could clearly see the left kidney with several cysts throughout. It looked much different than the right side. The right kidney had no problems either. They will continue to watch his growth, due to the 2V cord. As he grows and the placenta and cord age, there can be growth restriction, but I am not so worried about that at this point, he is chunking up as we speak.

Leaving you with my weekly photo and heading on to the next adventure....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

33 weeks a week ago :o)

Just playing some more catch up here.

Last week we had a pineapple. Again thinking we are heavier than the 4lbs that is average. We will see for sure tomorrow morning.

Feeling good overall, except for the inability to get a good night's sleep. I read today that 75% of women do not sleep well in their third trimester! That is a huge number- and quite possibly we are at our craziest and really really need the sleep.

My chiro appt went well. For the last three weeks or so, Reid has been head down, but by palpatations floating pretty high. Subsequent babies don't always sit low and engage until right before labor. I do look like I am carrying low, but I am probably just all stretched out from my other two. Fantastic!

Enjoy and catch you all tomorrow after my appt......

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little bit of crutch walking....

My sweet sister broke her foot. She was stepping of a ledge, and rolled her foot. It is the worst possible time of year for this type of injury. We are hoping and praying that it is healing correctly and she will not need surgery. My little guys have been curious about their Aunnie's boot and crutches. They have tried to remember to be careful around the boot as well. I think they have done a pretty good job. This past Saturday Mason wanted to walk with the crutches. Aunnie and her Matt offered to help, and Mason loved it! Hoping for a good update after Aunnie's appt tomorrow!

32 weeks. Not now, just playing catch up

Opps. So back on June 25th I was 32 weeks pregnant.

Kim had a tough one with that fruit. So she wandered the store going back to the fruit scale and found the following calculation came out to the correct weight for Reid. I do truely feel he is much heavier than what is stated. We make big little babies!

Enjoy- tomorrow will be a 33 weeks post, and hoping Thursday I have my stuff together with the newest update- 34 weeks. We also have an additional level 2 ultrasound on Thursday morning that we will send out an update for- say some prayers for us!