Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These are a few of our favorite things...

1. The small carts at Kroger. Ayden adores them.

2. Chocolate milk when Mom gets her coffee. What a treat!

3. The playground at church. After church we go to the playground always! Ayden fell off two weeks ago and crashed into on of the bars on the way down. Big bump on his head!

4. Geo Trax. It is perfect when it is a non-maid week! We actually get to leave the Geo Trax set up in the playroom!

5. Computer games. Ayden would play far past Mommy's 30 minute limit on any given day!

6. Still loving Happy Cars! I think I have a picture of this somewhere.....

7. Daddy lay down with me. Glenn lays down with Ayden before bed each night. It is a TRAGEDY when Daddy works late.

8. Showers. Mommy loves showers as much as the crazy boys. Cuts bath time by 75%!

9. WOW WOW WUBBZY. If you aren't familar with WUBBZY, google is your friend! Can't wait for the DVD release.

10. Being naked. My sweet second child is months away from potty training, for fear that anytime both children enter the bathroom- they will both come out naked!

11. Talking on the phone! They love to call people and chatter away. When they happen to be able to talk to eachother, they speak in a secret grunting language.

12. MUIC! Translation- music. Mason loves his music and rocking time before bed. He asks for his MUIC each night when Mom puts him down.

13. Car jammies. Every night. So much for wanting the boys to wear fresh jammies each night.

14. The green grass at Market Street. "Mommy can we go to the green grass and play at the Mall"

15. Veggie Tales. Veggie Tales videos, Veggie Tales music, Veggie Tales computer games. Doesn't matter Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales.

16. SWIMMING. To bad that Mom doesn't let them swim for longer than about an hour for fear of water intoxication. They can swallow gallons of water in a really short time. **while this is a photo of bathtime- I find it appropriate, given they think they are swimming no matter what size water...

17. Shoes. Sandals, Tennis Shoes, and Skate Shoes. New shoes season has arrived with the start of school. They cannot contain their excitement. And they never take them off.

18. Brothers. They can hit, kick, push, shove eachother, but the question always remains...."Where is Ayden/Mason?"

19. DADDY again. Riding dirt bikes, wakeboarding, playing cars, hugging, going for donuts, going for car washes, DADDY DADDY DADDY!

20. Yelling, screaming, running, and JUST BEING BOYS!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lakehouse weekend away!

Photos galore!

A picture tells a thousand words! Our wonderful friends joined us at the lake house in Austin! We did the early morning boating, skiing, and wake boarding sessions, followed by wonderful brunches and lunches! We drove around on the scooters and enjoyed the scenery! We had grown up conversations mostly about our kids, and then packed up and headed home!

Glenn driving!

Vicki and I riding!

First night there!

Stephen skiing!

Me wake boarding- side note- I was much better than I remembered. I guess the last three years of watching my awesome husband helped my perfect my skills! I got up on the first try and definitely had the most water time! Fun Times!

Glenn getting air!


Sunrise from the boat!

Wonderful pedicure! The first thing Vicki and I did when we got there!