Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh dear 8 weeks to go....

So I was told I started this pregnancy out not growing the same, and much different. While you normally show sooner, and larger with each baby, I was not. WELL I have officially caught up. My belly has boomed in the last two weeks, and I am fearing the 8 weeks to go, as this is the point the baby gains some serious weight, and I will be stretched to the max. I will definitely end up just the same I am sure.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Updated Photos of Reid's Room and Silly Boys

Progress has been made on Reid's room. He has a rug, curtains, photo wall (with sepia colored photos that will be of my belly and our sweet little man), and his name plaque. My husband made the frame and wood plaque and I rubbed on the vinyl letters! I also hung all 9 frames which was a small feat. We still have to hang the quilt and a few more doodads along the walls. I really do love his room. It is a wonderfully simple retreat for me!

And of course my silly boys! We are printing these photos for their daddy's homeade father day frames! Hoping Glenn will send me photos of those and him unwrapping. The boys were so proud, and I have my wonderful summer sitter to thank for that idea!

31 weeks

Well in two hours, I am 32 weeks- but better late than never!!!!!

Reid is the weight of 4 oranges. My little man is a tad larger than this also (probably close to 4 lbs), which we know from the ultrasound. I am surely building another heavy Dominy boy (Ayden was 9lbs 1oz, and Mason was 8lbs 11oz). Phew!

More news on the issue of Reid- he is now where he belongs, head down. I am feeling tons of stretching and pressure. My back feels much better as well.

More to come!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pediatric Urologist

Glenn and I went to our consultation with the urologist today. We are blessed to live in an area where Texas Children's is growing. Dr. Jones sees patients 2 days a week in The Woodlands and we get to avoid the drive, parking, and pain that would be involved in a visit to the med center. The downside: a 2.5 hour wait to see the doctor. Yes, you read that correctly. 2.5 hours!!!! There was some warning. About 30 minutes after we sat down, a sign went up at the desk stating that he was running 1 hour behind. So after 1.5 hours, I was directed to a room. But then I waited another hour there. Glenn ended up needing to leave after 1 hour of waiting. We had a babysitter that we did not want to keep to long, and the boys needed dinner and parent time! The waiting room was full of kiddos waiting to see many different types of specialists and therapists! It was nuts. I was in decent spirits though and tried to stay positive.

When the doctor came in, he hadn't reviewed Reid's photos. To say he has a crazy day is a bit of an understatement. He went and retrived the report, and drew me some pictures of what was going on in his body. He said that he would review the ultrasounds but that the report was very detailed, and he didn't expect to find anything. He told us that this diagnosis is normally point on, and not easily misdiagnosed. He explained that there is a limited risk, 10-20%, of Reid having some back flow problems, which would make him go on antibiotics for the first 6 weeks of life. He also said that he would have an ultrasound within the first week to confirm the diagnosis. Within 6 weeks we would have two other tests to determine if there is backflow and something else. These will be done together. If the backflow issue is non-existent after the tests, then he will be allowed to come off of the antibiotic. **If there is backflow, the bacteria in the urine could cause infection and damage the healthy kidney. If there is backflow then more steps will be taken at that time.

He said most likely he will have a kidney that reduces in size as he ages. We will have routine ultrasounds every 3 months. This will be to monitor the growth of the healthy kidney (should grow faster since it is picking up the function of what normally two organs do) and to make sure that the cystic kidney does not get bidder or cause any problems. There are rare instances where one of the cysts can grow in size and push against the stomach or other organs. In that case it would need to be removed. If there are any unforeseen issues in his first week of life, we will notice that Reid is not feeding, peeing, or gets a high fever.

I came away feeling good and bad. I think I have thought about how I am feeling, but not shown how I am feeling. I have not let it effect my life, my job, my kids, or my mind in a huge way. I have some friends that I have talked to about my fears and my feelings about this. But I have not cried, and I have not really processed outwardly. The doctor today asked me if I was going to circumcise the baby. It occurred to me today that the choices I make medically for this little guy are going to be questioned, and opinions will be formed, and several decisions will be made for me out of necessity. Choices that make my skin crawl. Antibiotics for a newborn baby for at least six weeks and longer up to a year if there is a problem!!!!!!!! While I realize the necessity in this situation, it still bothers me that a foreign product will be needed daily to help him grow and mature. And with everything comes side effects, and changes in the body's normal state. It bums me out. All of these things we will deal with in his first months and years bum me out.

Please don't get me wrong. I am grateful to God that this is manageable. I am grateful for the chance to witness miracles on a daily basis through His work. I am grateful for my life, and that of my children. I am just still very frustrated that we are going to be dealing with this and not simply enjoying my third and last baby with the whimsical and laxidasical attitude that every mom of three has.

My final thought with all these others constantly creeping in my mind is always...I will go to the ends of the earths for you little Reid. If antibiotics, extra care and attention, frequent tests and doctor visits is what keeps you with us and healthy- BRING IT ON!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

29 & 30 weeks

29 weeks came and went. The baby continued to grow, and weight was what was noted this week.

29 weeks the baby was the weight of a butternut squash.

30 weeks was this past Thursday.

30 weeks the baby was the weight of a midan papaya. It is roughly 3 lbs. Reid was estimated at our ultrasound the previous Monday with a weight of 3.2 lbs, which can be off a few ounces either way at this stage. His vision is getting better, at 20/400.

I am still visiting the chiro, to help move the baby in the correct position, and to help with lower back pain. It is wonderful!

We have an appointment on Wednesday with the pediatric urologist. I also have a tuesday appt with my ob. Busy week for appts if you throw the twice per week chiro.

We are praying for good news on Wednesday about Reid's specific case. I am processing all of this one day at a time, with some better than others. I trust in God, and know why Mason was given to us, and with the problems he had. I have no choice, or reason to trust that God has a plan for our family and for this precious little baby.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney....

Well one thing is for sure...we don't take the easy route ever!

We went for our level two ultrasound today, which I thought meant different and easier to see pictures. Nope it means that the person conducting the ultrasound is very good at finding problems, and has lots of training. The doctor of maternal and fetal medicine comes in at the end to double check and explain everything to us.

We went to this ultrasound because Reid only has a two vessel umblical cord, where there should be three. The techinician was very nice, and we got to see some very cool shots of our little guy, some in 4D. It is sureal while you are sitting there, and you wonder to yourself if they are making small talk with you while they know that there could be something seriously wrong with your baby. They are not allowed to discuss what they find, so you are analyzing every comment they make and wondering what they are seeing. I can't understand still how they are able to see tiny little problems in our tiny little babies with a blury black and white photo.

Reid has what they call unilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney (on his left kidney). The doctor told us this was good news because....
#1 you only need one kidney
#2 the right kidney looks healthy
#3 this rarely effects both sides, and both kidneys
#4 this is a clear reason for the 2V cord, and they do not expect it to cause other problems
#5 multicystic dysplastic kidney is rarely a marker for other problems (like downs, or chromosome problems) and is normally an isolated anomality.

From my google search, 50% of these babies have another condition in the bladder, urinary tract or kidney. Normally they are all corrected by observation or minor surgery. Reid is making plenty of urine with his right kidney. The effected kidney could have little or no function. It should not present any problem later in life, but if it does, they will simply remove it.

We have been told to contact the associate of pediatric urology at Texas Childrens. I will have an appointment with him most likely before the baby is born, so we can know what to expect and what will be done. He will also be able to tell us if they expect any degree of functioning from this one kidney. He will be examined after he is born, and have follow up tests done every 6 months to a year.

The doctor told me this should not effect our birth plan (for a natural birth). I will return to see her every 4 weeks until he gets here to make sure there is not any growth restrictions or any other problems. Reid weighed in at 3lbs 2oz, 8 oz up from a week ago.

I will keep you all updated, but this is all good news for the most part! Praise God for a good diagnosis, that can have our little guy live a normal and healthy life. On to the next hurdle.....

He is still a boy!

In case we wanted to see his scrotum in 4D!



Little face photo


Leg and foot

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The blank, but BEAUTIFUL slate!

Photos of the new room! The painters and carpenters are all done, and I get to decorate the wall and the shelf! The window treatments should not be far behind. I am also still debating on recovering the rocker in the navy- but prob won't get there.

**excuse the dirty lense...

On a side note~ our ultrasound has been rescheduled to next Tuesday. We should get the results right after the ultrasound. I also have a new best friend...Dr. Wolf, my new chiro. He is helping me with some lower back pain, hip soreness, and turning this little bug while he has the room! It felt great right away and baby Reid has been moving and grooving in all the space that was created by my adjustments all day! Yahooooo!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

28 weeks last Thurday, and a bummer ultrasound...

I seem to always update this on the Tuesday after I get one week bigger.

This is a really fuzzy update. I thought I got a better photo. But this little one is the weight of a cabbage.

I also had an ultrasound on Monday to double check that the little babe has a 3 vessel cord. It doesn't appear that he does. A normal umbilical cord has 3 vessels, one to the baby and two back. Little babe has one to and one back. We have been scheduled for a higher level ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure that this is not an indicator of any other problems. It can come with many other complications, or it can be a simple problem or growth restriction, or nothing at all. I am trying to not get overly stressed and to stay away from google. With my little Mason, many of you know, I had mother's intuition from the get go. I knew something was not right. I have NEVER had that feeling with this little babe. We are praying each day, more than once for it all to be nothing, and just a fluke thing!

I also gained an astronmical amount of weight in 5 short weeks! Aghhhhh, but then today I had lost 5 of the lbs, so maybe the babe just peed a lot yesterday morning...

And finally he is head up (with his foot and hand up there as well). Here's to coaxing the little babe into the right place in the next 4-5 weeks!