Thursday, June 26, 2008

The end of a fun season

Coach Glenn and Ayden completed their first season of TBall last Saturday. They both had a great time. Glenn thought it was a great experience and will most definitely go at it again next season, but there was some relief of the season ending. The kids (7 boys, 4 girls) started out with no skills or forms, and by the end really understood the game! The biggest noticible measure of success was how many parents were required to be on the field the last game. At the beginning of the season each child required an adult on field. This kept them from wandering off, picking their pockets or noses, and having a wrestling match when the ball game within 30 feet of each kid. By the last game, the team worked well with a parent on each base. The numbers there are great. Going from 11 adults on the field to 3! Great success!

We meet some wonderful new friends, and the kids had a ball- literaly!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What makes one kid easy...

When you have two and one goes out of town with Mimi and Pappy! Every Friday Mimi watches the boys while I work. This past weekend Ayden had a day of fun on Saturday. He had a tball game in the morning and then we were going to lunch with Gomer, Oma, Aunnie, Kenny and Uncle John. After lunch we were headed to the hard to get tickets of the Astros vs. the Yankees! Mason would not of survived the long day of fun, so it was a great idea for Mason to go with his Mimi to the River House with Gigi, Papa and Uncle Lonnie and we would meet up on Sunday after church! We missed our little Mason man, but it was a great weekend for both boys, getting special one on one time! They both inquired about where their brother was many times throughout the weekend.

It is simply amazing what a breeze one little boy is compared to two. When you have just one, it is a decent amount of work. There are moments in time when you are overwhelmed. You never realize that one is rather simple. But when you go from two to one, you do not know what to do with your time. Sunday morning, Glenn and I had the three of us dressed and we actually had 15 minutes to spare. We sat down and watched some tv with Ayden and he asked, why aren't we leaving for church? It was beyond him that we had extra time and we weren't rushing about.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday night traditions

There are a million and one reasons that I love my children and love having my mid-size family. I could probably name on one hand reasons that I get frustrated and wish it was just me. This photo is one of them. This happens each Sunday night at my household! When all is said and done, I would never trade it for the world, although I am concerned what my desire to have a third child would do to this pile!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The adventures of preschool!

We had a first today: Mommy volunteers at the boys school! It was more accurately Mommy and Aunnie.

Ayden and Mason are four days into summer preschool today. I really did not want to put the burden of my crazy boys on any sitter 4 days a week in the summer. With both of them being in carseats, not being able to sit still, and the blazing Texas heat, it prohibits many summer outings with babysitters. Therefore we opted to do summer preschool two days a week, a babysitter the other two, and Mimi each Friday.

Today at school was water day. When I first got the waiver for "water day" a panic came across me. I knew I would come across the day that the boys or their school would participate in a water day. When I took the form home, I hoped that water day referred to a splash park, or water fountain park, or even sprinklers and there was no actual water depth to where they were playing. Keep in mind we are talking 2 and up. These are not 6 yr olds, they are still wobbly little kids, that don't think before going.

The following week I inquired into this water day. We had the option to not allow our child to go participate in water day, but I didn't want to be THAT mom! I was informed that it was a small pool. It was a depth up to right below an adult's knee. I seriously panicked at this point. I know entirely to many horror stories of drownings and accidents in water. I don't care how deep...Water at any depth with 14 two year olds is a risk. It was not a risk my kids were taking without my watchful eye. Luckily on my way out the door, I saw a sign up for volunteers. You bet my name, followed by my sisters were the first two names on those lists. My theory- if work ever prevented me from participating in Thursday water days, Aunnie was going to be my eyes, the anal about water Mommy stand in.

We arrived at school this morning, with what seemed like our whole house. Two swim suits on the children, two children lathered in sunscreen, two towels, two ziplock baggies for the wet clothes, a new pair of shorts, diapers- Mason and underwear-Ayden. This was on top of the normal two backpacks, two lunches, 5 sippy cups, two lovey blankies, a handful of pacifiers-Mason and one nap mat. I feel like I am lugging 50 lbs of kid crap! Ayden gets dropped of first so Mason can witness how a big boy does it, a nice hug and kiss, and no tears! We go to Mason's class and he is glued to my leg. Not letting me get away without any guilt on his part. Aubrey and I decide to stay the 30 minutes until water time, instead of traumatizing my two year old with two departures in one day. Then comes the chaos. 14 two year olds. Enough said! It was entirely 100 times more work dressing and undressing 14 two year olds for water day than the actual swimming itself!

The kids had fun wading in the pool! The three year olds were much more daring and splashing than the two year olds! Aubrey and I were sweating when done, but all in all it was an eye opening fun experience. I have more admiration for the teachers in my children's lives than anyone I have come across! They have their hand's full and engage the kids in much more than any mom would dare on a regular basis!

And Mason only screamed for about 5 minutes when I finally had to leave him....