Thursday, June 26, 2008

The end of a fun season

Coach Glenn and Ayden completed their first season of TBall last Saturday. They both had a great time. Glenn thought it was a great experience and will most definitely go at it again next season, but there was some relief of the season ending. The kids (7 boys, 4 girls) started out with no skills or forms, and by the end really understood the game! The biggest noticible measure of success was how many parents were required to be on the field the last game. At the beginning of the season each child required an adult on field. This kept them from wandering off, picking their pockets or noses, and having a wrestling match when the ball game within 30 feet of each kid. By the last game, the team worked well with a parent on each base. The numbers there are great. Going from 11 adults on the field to 3! Great success!

We meet some wonderful new friends, and the kids had a ball- literaly!

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