Monday, June 16, 2008

What makes one kid easy...

When you have two and one goes out of town with Mimi and Pappy! Every Friday Mimi watches the boys while I work. This past weekend Ayden had a day of fun on Saturday. He had a tball game in the morning and then we were going to lunch with Gomer, Oma, Aunnie, Kenny and Uncle John. After lunch we were headed to the hard to get tickets of the Astros vs. the Yankees! Mason would not of survived the long day of fun, so it was a great idea for Mason to go with his Mimi to the River House with Gigi, Papa and Uncle Lonnie and we would meet up on Sunday after church! We missed our little Mason man, but it was a great weekend for both boys, getting special one on one time! They both inquired about where their brother was many times throughout the weekend.

It is simply amazing what a breeze one little boy is compared to two. When you have just one, it is a decent amount of work. There are moments in time when you are overwhelmed. You never realize that one is rather simple. But when you go from two to one, you do not know what to do with your time. Sunday morning, Glenn and I had the three of us dressed and we actually had 15 minutes to spare. We sat down and watched some tv with Ayden and he asked, why aren't we leaving for church? It was beyond him that we had extra time and we weren't rushing about.

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