Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My girls...

Oh my sweet girls!  They are so much more to me than friends.... they are confidants and support.  They make me happy and bring me comfort!  These women are inspiring, strong, and AMAZING!  They provide me with a community that I didn't even know I wanted before God placed them so strategically in my life!!!  Funny how He knows exactly what I need!

One of our sweet friends, Kim, celebrated a birthday last week and we had the best time together welcoming this new year!  We started at a pizza joint...cause that is her favorite!  We found out how to feed 9 girls on a GREAT budget...$4.71!
Brandy at Steel City!
Brandy and Lisa at Steel City
Kindell and Taylene
Our gift to Kim.  365 verses from each book of the bible from 8 friends of ours!  Kindell made an amazing tag to remind Kim of how very dear she is to us, and she gets the reminder each day of the year.
So much fun!  Amy, Kim, Lisa and Susie
Opening her card...that was so perfect for her!
Our gift brought tears to the entire table!  We are sappy girls!
Painting with a Twist!  It was so much fun!
Lisa and her sweet baby girl all ready to paint!!!, friends and painting!  
My painting!
Kim hard at work!
All of the girls that make life wonderful!!!

Best Friends x2!!!!

There are not better days then when my bestie from Alabama comes to stay.  Like, I kid you not, time just stands still for her and her family!  Nothing else matters and I soak her up with all that I have, cause you never know when I will get more of my Courtney!!!!  And better yet, I think our sweet little boys are going to BESTIES too!!!!  **PS more to come later on the best friendship that has formed between sweet Emma and Mason!

Courtney and Lachlan (have I mentioned he is my FAVORTIE Godson???) came to visit at the end of August for Sarah's (our good friend) bachelorette's party!  We had a great time, and got a fantastic babysitter for our night away!  My mom played hard with our little boys and took terrific care of them.  It was such a nice visit, without all the big kids (my big kids were distracted by their daddy), and we really got to visit and have GIRL time.

Beautiful late August pool time turned into naked grass time with out little adorable men!  Aren't they just the cutest????

Have I mentioned Courtney, that you need to come back~ better yet~ MOVE here :)
PS Lachlan feel in the dirt~ hence the dirt on his hiney!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrating on the actual day!

Isn't it just the best when your birthday falls on an entire different day as the party?  I want to tell you that on the morning of Reid's birthday we woke up and sang the Happy Birthday song and made Reid and the boys a great breakfast.  But I cannot tell you that, because it was the 5th day of school and we still weren't in the swing of things.  We woke up and did our normal morning thing, getting the kids out of the door by 7:20.  It was at that time after the big kids had left, I looked at my sweet 1 year old son, and thought "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."  Oh no!  We didn't celebrate upon waking, like we do every other important day with our family.  I quickly called Glenn and the boys and we said Happy Birthday over speakerphone.  I paid special attention to my boy the rest of our day.  We went to the store after we picked up the big boys from school and got all we needed for a proper celebration for our little 1 year old!

The day was a success and I think that next year Reid is going to wake to the biggest commotion and wonder why???

Boys cooking the birthday "cookies"
Mason stirring!
Ayden stirring!
Reid "helping"
The boys wrapped in white craft paper and then colored the gifts!!!
Red Reid.  Ayden was studying the color red this week and accidentally wrote Red first :)  I think it is awesome!
His favorite part is the song!  He was so tickled that we were singing to him!
Blue eyed smiles!
Sing some more Ayden!
He enjoyed the cookies more than his cake!
Presents (we saved the presents from family and a few friends for his real birthday!)
He liked pulling paper from the bags!
Elefun game (he wanted to eat them all!)
Seriously what is cuter than a baby in a diaper???
All I wanted was a picture with my one year old!  No photos from his party day also!
Almost both looking :)  I will settle!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friends, Kindergartners and Smiles!

After walking into our house with my big K boy, and seeing his room, I immediately called my friend Brandy.  I asked "When you saw your yard (she was the dear friend that we did the birthday yard for a few posts back) did you tear up because you realized how much you were loved?"  She said yes, and I filled her in on my teary eyes that I had when I opened Ayden's door to his room and saw the decor she did for him in celebration of his big year in Kindergarten!  She went all out and Ayden felt so special.  He kept asking me "Mom did you do this?"  We are so proud of Ayden and so excited that our friends love us so much to help us celebrate this new beginning!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Has it Really Been a Year?

I like to say the ages of my kids right now out loud, it rings like an accomplishment.  I have made it through my first year with three kids.  Ages 5, 4 and 1.  Really without knowing much about us and ours, Glenn and I are rockstars simply because we are here, living life and loving God with a 5, 4 and 1 year old.  Then I quickly add, the oldest is about to be we are not really that nuts!

To celebrate my youngest sweet boys birthday this Momma went all OUT!  Reid had the best one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish party ever!  I purchased Dr Suess paper products from Etsy and got the background polka dot theme from Polka Dot Birthday Blog.  I got Reid the most adorable little outfit and matching hat from Etsy as well!  I stayed up late planning fun and making party gifts.  I filled bowls with everything round and decorated the house.  I was excited for my third child's milestone, and miracle from God to turn 1 happy and healthy.

Our friends and family were the most important part of this party.  There was one precious family missing from our celebration, but they know how much we wish they didn't live three states away!  I felt so warm and comfortable opening my home and letting people enjoy this celebration.  The women talked and watched swimming kids, and the men gathered and threw the same swimming kids!  Family is so important to Glenn and I, and I loved watching them enjoy the chaos and get to know our wonderful friends!

I reflected on my baby's first year (and 9 months), living within me, as one and then growing into a boy. He is such a blessing, causing our family to slow down and appreciate life.  He is a happy boy, and loves to roam (I am wondering now if this means he will go far someday!), adores his brothers and their undivided attention, and still loves to snuggle this Momma, not falling head over heels with his Daddy quite yet.  Not that this day won't come where he is enthused with the same infatuation with that wonderful man that his brothers carry, but for now I am holding on tight to my last little/big baby!

PS This will be a picture crazy post...
Happy Birthday Reid Banner from Etsy with Dr Suess fish
Photo from smash cake session of brothers and photo books of Reid's first year for each set of grandparents and great grandparents...made at shutterfly
Entry favors with fish in each net from Learning Express, Dr Suess book for guests to sign and a fun toys from
Close up of the book for signing, and in the corner you can catch a glimpse of the balloon wreath (didn't get a good photo of it on the door).
The big birthday gift!  We are so blessed to fit it inside to avoid the heat!
He loves his door to his house!
My sweet little Mason pouting about something!
Smash cake with cupcakes and custom toppers from Etsy!
Homemade cupcake tower (craft paper and polka dot paint) and cupcakes!
In leu of gifts we asked for gently used toys and clothes for Pregnancy Assistance Center north...
Mantel with 12 month picture frame (scrapbook frame with polka dot paper background and photos framed with cardstock), pictures from the smash cake session, lanterns, and vases filled with bouncy balls and gum balls.
Entry table!
Food table...bummer I didn't get with all the yummy food!!!!
Cake and Cupcake table, Happy Everything pate and smash cake session banner!!!
Oma and the birthday boy!
Slideshow with all the photos from Reid's first year (and 9 months)!
Birthday Boy!
Playing with balloons (not right this second but he was)!!!!
One fish Two Fish shoes!  What a find from Mimi!
Daddy and Birthday Boy!
Oma, Daddy and Reid
Alphabet fishing game
Outside table!  Kids ate and ate the skittles centerpiece!
Didn't quite care for his hat, but Daddy held it there!
Cannot get this boy to eat cake!  He loved the attention of the Happy Birthday song!
Fun in the pool!
Polka dot paint!  The girls made beautiful pictures!