Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrating on the actual day!

Isn't it just the best when your birthday falls on an entire different day as the party?  I want to tell you that on the morning of Reid's birthday we woke up and sang the Happy Birthday song and made Reid and the boys a great breakfast.  But I cannot tell you that, because it was the 5th day of school and we still weren't in the swing of things.  We woke up and did our normal morning thing, getting the kids out of the door by 7:20.  It was at that time after the big kids had left, I looked at my sweet 1 year old son, and thought "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."  Oh no!  We didn't celebrate upon waking, like we do every other important day with our family.  I quickly called Glenn and the boys and we said Happy Birthday over speakerphone.  I paid special attention to my boy the rest of our day.  We went to the store after we picked up the big boys from school and got all we needed for a proper celebration for our little 1 year old!

The day was a success and I think that next year Reid is going to wake to the biggest commotion and wonder why???

Boys cooking the birthday "cookies"
Mason stirring!
Ayden stirring!
Reid "helping"
The boys wrapped in white craft paper and then colored the gifts!!!
Red Reid.  Ayden was studying the color red this week and accidentally wrote Red first :)  I think it is awesome!
His favorite part is the song!  He was so tickled that we were singing to him!
Blue eyed smiles!
Sing some more Ayden!
He enjoyed the cookies more than his cake!
Presents (we saved the presents from family and a few friends for his real birthday!)
He liked pulling paper from the bags!
Elefun game (he wanted to eat them all!)
Seriously what is cuter than a baby in a diaper???
All I wanted was a picture with my one year old!  No photos from his party day also!
Almost both looking :)  I will settle!


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