Friday, December 31, 2010

Can I squeeze it all in before the New Year?

My blogging is getting sketchy...I am wondering if I even have any regular readers.  December came this year with time spent with loved friends and family.  We were very very busy this December, but it was a great busy.  One where I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else besides what we were doing at those very moments.  

I think I am going to try to catch up on the first half of December (ie the photos that are currently downloaded) and then make a resolution to complete my catch up by next weekend, and post at least weekly after that.  I can assure you this resolution has nothing to do with my 2ish readers, but more to do with the chronicles of life that I am giving my wonderful little people.  So by the end of 2010 I will have blogged about all but two weeks.  I would say that is pretty good.

The first weekend of December found us hosting a party for grown ups, with cocktail dress, and adult conversations...also known as HEAVEN on earth!  Here are a few snapshots of a night that was full of laughter and love.  Couldn't have better friends....
 I forgot I included photos of the house in my upload...decorated for the party with tree centerpieces and letter ornaments for each guest!
 The dining room...and wine set up...very important!
 Entryway...and a blurry picture.
 Yes, we still have a baby, and therefore our tree is in our study!
 Waiting for guests.
 Jon got a funny gift!  I am not kidding, rolling on the floor laughter!
 Precious friends...
More appropriate photo that represents our hearts!!!!

Then came the school parties, and programs.  I always sit in the audience and think about the programs from years before.  Last year, Mason was sick, so Daddy had to miss the program, and I was slightly preoccupied with a little baby.  This year, I sat.  A friend watched Reid, and Glenn and I enjoyed the show.  The boys did a great job, singing loudly and smiling ear to ear.  The school Christmas parties were full of the birth of Christ, with friends and teachers that are so valuable in our life.  **Ayden's school program and Mason's party photos to be posted next week!
 Ayden, friends, Mason and Mrs. Brandenburg (K teacher)
 Happy Birthday Jesus!
 My oldest...
 Gingerbread cooking at school!
 Is it wrong I am wishing for this to really represent his nature!
 School friends at his program!

ADVENT time.  You know, if you read my blog last year, that a great friend shared her advent calendar with me and we ran with it, and LOVE it.  Each day, as we celebrate a day closer to Jesus's birthday, we pull a family activity from our advent calendar.  This year we had a blast each day, and Ayden even helped us read the paper slips!  They looked forward to the calendar every morning and each afternoon asking me to remind them what the advent was!  Advents came in all shapes and sizes...frozen yogurt, Chik Fil A for dinner, Christmas stories, forts with Christmas lights, trees and trims, hay rides, movies and games! Several pictures and posts to come of our other wonderful advent activities.  One of the days Glenn, my mom and brother met friends at the ice skating rink.  I was under the weather and missed my biggest boy becoming a pro skater...skating around the rink wall and walker free!  I swear he ages several years with each passing digit!
 I can't get enough!
 I just love this photo!!! Here they come!
 Uncle John and Ayden cutting it up!
Mason hanging in there!

Even though it would seem there was no spare time in December, we had time to hang around and ride in wagons!
 Strong man, wouldn't let anyone help him!
Silly boy!

Family photos time!  As usual our awesome photographer captured the year through her lens beautifully!  The pictures speak for themselves!  **Eye Candy By Candace**
This year has brought many blessings, giggles, memories, bumps and bruises, and love and laughter...oh and just a few tears!  We wish all of our friends and family a great 2011!

As for me and mine, we will be celebrating birthdays, swimming (on swim team), playing tball, going to Oma Camp, vacationing with Mimi and Pappy, talking (the baby that is and definitely saying Ayden), going to 1st grade and Pre-K, playing on the "big kid" playground at Trinity, getting a new baby (don't panic~ this is niece or nephew), spending the summer with Ms. Cheylbi, wakeboarding (Daddy and Ayden say Ayden will be on his own this summer) and many more exciting things to come!!!!  **This list was compiled by the Dominy's on New Years Eve 2010!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Little Gym

Since August, Reid and I have shared a special hour each week going to the Little Gym!  We have made some good friends, and had a great time!  Reid runs around the gym like a crazy man, arms failing about!  He also loves the balance beam, and the bubble time at the end of the class!


A feast, fun family, and a BABY!

I am thinking about changing my signature at the end of each read Aunt Heather!  My little sister is having a baby and I couldn't be more excited!  I have known for a few weeks now, and it has been the most painful thing to not talk about!  I cannot wait to love on a little one that I am not responsible for raising :)  I cannot wait to spoil a little baby and have this new mommy bond with my sister!

My sister shared her news with the family on Thanksgiving, where they announced it instead of saying "cheese" while taking a photo.  Click Click and you get the reaction on film!
I think the men in this photo are a little slow.  The mom's, well that is another story!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at Glenn's Jojo and Grandpas, and then had a fun weekend with Megan and Chad!  Megan had a birthday here, and we were so happy to be able to share her cake!  The good things in life!


Little pilot

Ayden has earned his small private pilot wings.  In October, he flew one of Pappy's planes, and then recently he flew in the other.  I have some great photos of my little guy and his Pappy!  Imagine what Ayden was thinking when he was allowed to do this!  What a big guy!
 Ride in the cub.  He has to be very good in this is open on the sides and top.
 Take off
 Getting ready!
 Learning about instruments!
Ayden's first flight!