Monday, August 31, 2009

Adyen 1st Day of School!

Ayden is in full day pre-kindergarden! He is doing great, and we are so proud of our little man!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Birth Story of Reid William Dominy

I apologize for the length of this, make sure you have a few moments before sitting down. I couldn't help myself.

A week before…

At 39 weeks and 4 days, my ob stripped my membranes to help move labor along. Over the next few days I experienced a cramp here or there, but nothing alarming. On Wednesday, I was tired and worrying about the possibility of an induction without natural labor looking like it wasn’t going to make an appearance. My doctor office called me to discuss the possible induction, and we decided we would wait till the 24th to discuss it further. I got up from the phone call with the doctor; feeling a little discouraged and went to the restroom. At this time I lost my mucous plug. It was the most I have lost with all three of my kids. I was shocked, and sure that this meant labor would be starting that day or later that day. I called Glenn and asked him to come home, so he wasn’t stuck in traffic. Wednesday night and Thursday night I had contractions through the night, but the moment I put my feet on the floor to be up and time them, they promptly disappeared like it never happened. During the day on Thursday I had a twinge of contraction here or there, but nothing to promising.

Friday (40 weeks and 1 day), Glenn and I decided to try castor oil and pumping to see if that helped anything move along. It did NOT. It did cause me to go the bathroom several times and have a few strong contractions. This forced me to rest all day, while Glenn took care of the house. He is an awesome husband, who was supportive, but reminded me if Reid wasn’t ready, then nothing would make him come on our time frame. Friday night I got a big break from contractions and a terrific night of sleep!

Saturday during the day I convinced my mother to do some serious walking around the outlet mall. On tax free weekend none the less! I think people did a few double takes several times that day when they saw me waddling around the 103 degree outdoor outlet mall.

Saturday night I woke up at midnight with pretty painful contractions 5-6 minutes apart. I couldn’t stay in bed, and had to walk around and concentrate on relaxing. I was fairly certain that this was the start of labor. Well, my body and baby had another thing in mind. The contractions started spreading out each hour and finally ended with them being 15-30 minutes apart. This lasted throughout the entire weekend. Some were fairly painful. It was utterly exhausting.

Monday morning (40 weeks and 4 days) found us at the doctor appointment. She checked my cervix and I was dilated to a 3-4 and 80% effaced. The baby was at a zero station! Awesome. Progress had been made. I am not sure if the progress was worth the early labor, but it was encouraging. She stripped and stretched my cervix one last time. We were scheduled for an induction on Tuesday morning if I didn’t go into labor on my own. We went along our way and had some delicious Freebirds spicy burritos for lunch!

When we left the doctors, I had decent contractions every 15 minutes or so. Starting around 1:30pm that afternoon, they were becoming more consistent. I was not overly uncomfortable yet, and sent my mom to the grocery store, and the boys were napping. Then at 2:00pm, I had to get up and get moving. I also needed Glenn to start rubbing my back to help with the pain.

I was stopping at our bar counter each contraction and relaxing easily with the help of Glenn’s putting counter pressure on my back. The contractions were almost non-existent with the counter pressure. The boys started to wake up from their naps around 2:30 and ask what was happening. Ayden was so excited. He was really paying attention, and exclaimed “everyone is working very hard” when people would rush and help me with the contractions. The boys were really happy to put on the rock star big brother shirts!

I also got into the shower to see if the contractions would fizzle out. The shower was not comfortable to me, and it also slowed down the contractions by a minute or so, and I was ready to meet my baby boy. Then between 3:00pm and 5:00pm the contractions moved from 5 minutes apart to 2.5-3 minutes apart. By 5:00pm, they still were completely manageable, but I was worried about the weather, rush hour, the timing of the contractions and how fast our little man would arrive. We decided to head to the hospital. We were met at the door by our amazing doula, Kathleen. My mom sat in the back seat with me and rubbed my back through each contraction in the car. Luckily, I only had to endure four of them.

We got to the hospital a little after 5:00pm. I found any tall counter within reach when I had each contraction in the hallway or triage. I was at 5-6cm and 100% effaced, and 0 station. This was good news. They quickly got us into our room. My mom, sister, dad, mother-in-law, Glenn and Kathleen were all there. I was still handling the contractions fairly well, leaning against Glenn or the counter in the room.

I also attempted to labor on the bed, propped by the back of the bed. This felt good, but I had a lot of pressure on my knees and it didn't work for the long haul.

Around 5:30 the boys got to the hospital and came in to say hello. They were very intrigued, and on their way out of the room to have some dinner, Mason hollered “Don’t take the baby out without me. Don’t start without me”. Melt my heart.

Throughout the entire labor, I was very comforted by the noises of my family surrounding me, especially my favorite two little guys in anticipation of their baby brother. Other things that I found that helped me out were: my wonderful husband who was calm and constant. He was my rock for three hours at the hospital. Once the counters stopped working, I leaned on him every 2-3 minutes and he completely supported me and I hung effortlessly from his arms, sometimes leaning, sometimes squatting. I was able to look into his eyes and know that all was ok!

My amazing, strong, and confident doula, Kathleen was using wonderful oils to calm my nerves, relax, and ease the nausea. She was behind me at each contraction. My mother who had the picture of the boys for me to look at, and the trash can in case I threw up (I didn’t but the trash can being there was an odd comfort). My wonderful sister who took photos, helped with my boys and was there to fill in for my mom, doula and hubby! The rest of my family, that filled in when someone got tired. Coldplay. It must have played through the 30 songs or so four hundred times!!! My huge 8x10 picture of my beautiful sons. My sweet sons, who came in and helped intermittently.

Mason rubbed my leg in between some of my contractions and was so pleased that he was helping.

Ayden, who through several contractions, stood right near me, holding their photo for me. It was so wonderful to look up and see him.

I requested to be checked every 45 minutes to an hour because I found it encouraging knowing how long I would be doing this. I like to be in control, and this was my way of at least knowing something! Each time I was progressing nicely, the first check to an 8, and the next to a 9. Then I was checked again and I was only a little past a 9. Dilation time length, I was at a 9 longer than any other measurement in my labor. I was in transition, a lot of pain, a little panic, and I really wanted to know the end was in sight. I asked for them to break my waters to help the baby move past that point. They told me I would need to wait for my ob, who was on her way. Throughout transition, I would experience a contraction that freaked me out. I was scared, and would not be “on top” of the pain or intensity.

I would panic a bit, and Glenn and Kathleen would talk me back down. Then the next several contractions I would easily relax and open and let the baby descend down. And the cycle continued, and I would experience a new level of intensity and have to work my way up to that point of relaxation. Throughout my contractions I would chant “open, open, open, on top, relax, baby down.” One of the times that Mason was in the room, he asked why Mommy was saying “open, open, open.” Glenn answered and said baby Reid was coming out and Mommy wanted to open. He then said baby Reid was ringing the door bell to Mommy’s door and Mommy was saying open. Mason then kept asking, “When is Mommy going to say open, open, open again?” He really enjoyed my chants.

After 6pm, I got through each contraction by fully squatting with Glenn letting me hang, and Kathleen being behind me. I kept looking up at Glenn and apologizing. He was sweating, shaking and concentrating more than anything to help me and be there through each one. Kathleen and Glenn kept telling me to stop apologizing right now!

After the doctor arrived, she checked me and I still had a lip at the edge of cervix. She broke my bag of water, and there was a little meconium in the water (normal for post date babies). She asked me if I could push past the lip, and it was intense pain, so we decided to labor a bit more. The nurses suggested the squatting bar on the bed for the next contraction to avoid the floor. I tried, and quickly discovered it was nothing like the floor and we went back to squatting on the floor mid contraction with Glenn supporting me yet again. I was really freaking out during that contraction, since I was not in a good spot when it started and I was not ahead of the pain. Kathleen got me talking about the baby, and I could finally feel his head without the bag of water being in front of him.

On the next contraction, the pressure was unbelievable. I was hollering at the beginning of the contraction, and it was overcoming me. The pressure and the act of pushing were fearful to me. I had to get past it. My body instinctively began pushing, and I began to make a really LOUD tribal moaning/pushing noise. The room was full of nurses (because of the meconium), family, Glenn in front of me, Kathleen behind, but no doctor to catch the baby. I heard Kathleen whisper to my mom to go get the doctor because I was pushing. This was all happening in the span of one contraction. No one was coaching me to push, and my body was simply doing as it should. The doctor told my mom she heard my noises (as did the rest of the maternity center I am sure) and was on her way in. She arrived to my left corner, and mentioned that she could not reach my bottom. She then put on one glove and placed her hand down to feel the baby. At this point my body pushed out the baby out in one fail swoop, straight onto the floor. My ob guided his head down, but the rest of his body just slithered right out and landed on the floor. At this point, we noticed he had a nuchal cord wrapped three times (cord around his neck), and a true knot as well (a real knot in the cord). By the grace of God alone, his cord was unusually long. This allowed room for his cord to be wrapped around his neck three times and still be able to reach the floor. My little man has truly met his angle! Since this all happened so fast, we were unable to click a pic of him being met by the floor!

My ob cut his cord due to the cord being around his neck, and they got me to the bed to deliver the placenta. I did have a small tear, and the doctor was unable to numb me when I was pushing due to my position, so the stitches were a tad bit painful. Reid was brought to me very quickly and they finished suctioning him on my chest.

I also felt wonderful after the birth and was rather amazed at the strength it took have him and that I had it in me!

Brothers and more family came in very soon after everything was cleaned up.

Glenn and I were able to enjoy him and bathe him when we were ready! It was an awesome birth!

My awesome doula Kathleen, Reid and I.

We are very in love with our little man.
Reid William Dominy
19 3/4 inches

Big Brother Class

Ayden and Mason got to go to a big brother class at the hospital before Reid was born. They really loved it, and Mason had a great time changing diapers. Too bad he doesn't like to do that now!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yep, I made it to 40 weeks!

So today was a milestone of 40 weeks. Without getting into too many wonderful details and out of respect to anyone that has not yet had a baby, my body has been having early labor for two and a half days now. It is utterly exhuasting. I will let you know if it shortens my labor any! Most of my contractions that are consistent are through out the night. I would much rather sleep at this point, for sure!

This week my little bean is the size of a pumpkin. Given that it is clearly not pumpkim season, there will be no display. I have really loved the different items each week at work from Kim!!!

I also had my last day at work today before taking a leave. I am really looking forward to holding my sweet little man any day now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

39 weeks

And not yet dilated. Oh dear oh dear. And it is not that the baby needs to be here NOW, it is just that I would like to think he is making progress, and something was going on!!! My doctors are also wanting to dicuss scheduling my induction for the end of next week if nothing more is going on in there on Monday. :o(

Here we go. I am carrying around a watermelon every day and night. I wonder what a 40 week baby is and if we have fruits and veggies that go past the famous "40 weeks".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our God is an awesome God!

I had my last (we hope) ultrasound on Friday at 38 weeks and 1 day. We got to take a look at little Reid and check up on his kidneys. Glenn stayed home with the boys and Aubrey went with me.

He is weighing in at 7.9lbs right now, and his fluid levels are good, and he is doing great in there!

I got a little, ok a lot, panicked during the ultrasound. After all my research and the other two ultrasounds, I know what my little guy's kidneys look like. One looks like a bundle of grapes. Empty and black. The other looks like grey tissue. Well at this ultrasound, his left kidney (the one that was a grape) looked splotchy, with both grey and black circles (the grape like things were less singificant and only on the outer sides). The right kidney (the good one) had some black voids in it. And was a little less tissuey. The tech kept referring to the notes on another screen as she was looking at his kidneys. I was really worried that Reid's right kidney was forming cysts by the way they looked. And I have mentioned before that we cannot ask the tech what she sees- we wait for the doc.

So the tech goes to get the doctor. We wait. I tell Aubrey my fears.

The doctor comes in and looks at the pictures. I tell her that it looks different. She agrees, and says yes, it does. I asked her why it looked like the right kindey has cysts in it. She said, it doesn't...that is simply what a kidney of a full term baby looks like. She says what looks different is that the left kidney is not as bad as they expect it to be. It normally is a large cyst or void at this time, and it is showing that there could be some tissue in there, and it could have function. Praise God!

This time between knowing about this and now- I have prayed for strength. I have prayed for peace. I have prayed for guidance. And He has answered and I have gotten it. I never prayed for a miracle. It didn't occur to me. I didn't think I had a right. I thought that God gave us a gift in Reid, just like Mason and there was a plan. Glenn did. Oh how I love my husband. He knew to ask for the best, and pray and expect the best! While we still could be faced with struggles, and there may not be complete function we are thrilled with the idea that it is not as bad as it could or should be!

We will find out more details when Reid has tests after he is born (at week 1 and week 6)! This is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!

38 weeks....and counting

So this past Thursday I was 38 weeks. I have gotten some of the following questions a few times so I thought I would share?

How are you feeling?
Fine. I wish I could sleep. I also don't remember being this uncomfortable. Guess that is God's intention, as I don't know how many of us would do this more than once or twice if you remembered it with every glorious detail. I don't have any big complaints, no swelling, no problems with blood pressure, etc. But I am very very tired. So, in a nutshell I am fine. :o)

Are you ready to be done?
Primarily no. Would I love to only have to go to 39 weeks- YES! But I am not ready to be done. This is the last time I will have a baby jabbing me in the ribs, and attacking me from the inside. I am trying to cherish these moments with my active little monster in there! Ask me again at 40 weeks and 1 day and you might get another answer.

Where is he going to be born?
If we make it...the hospital. Hehe I really have no excuse, it is 8 minutes or so away. While I am bummed we are not at a birthing center, or at home, with his health problems, we would of been transfered to OB care anyway, so I am glad that I have had somewhat consistent care throughout the pregnancy. My doula will be at our birth with us.

Are you nervous or scared?
Yes and No. Glenn is getting there. I am starting to get nervous about the birth, and if I can make it through with no pain med. I am still seeing no other choice for me personally, so I can picture us doing it, just nervous it will be hard.

Are you ready to have three kids (oh and your third boy?)
I am so ready to have an infant. I love love love babies. I love holding them, sleeping with them, nursing them. I am not ready to do this with two crazy preschoolers! We will survive, but to say it will be a breeze is a little naive I think! I am ready to watch Ayden be a terrific big brother. (Mason also, but Ayden will be older to be more involved! He has already told me NO POOPY DIAPERS MOM!)

Here is my little leek. This week he is the length of a leek. The average weight is 6.8lbs. We have that beat out with an ultrasound weight of 7.9lbs. I told Aubrey that we could be off by a lb either way, and she quickly reminded me that could mean he is really 8.9lbs!!!! Nothing I am not used to, as my boys were both 8.12 and 9.1!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The rest!

Kim is so awesome! I love these pictures!!!!

Several of the photos will go in the picture frames on Reid's wall!

If you want to see them all in an album, check them out here

I am having a lot of cramping and overactivity contractions. Yeck.