Sunday, August 9, 2009

38 weeks....and counting

So this past Thursday I was 38 weeks. I have gotten some of the following questions a few times so I thought I would share?

How are you feeling?
Fine. I wish I could sleep. I also don't remember being this uncomfortable. Guess that is God's intention, as I don't know how many of us would do this more than once or twice if you remembered it with every glorious detail. I don't have any big complaints, no swelling, no problems with blood pressure, etc. But I am very very tired. So, in a nutshell I am fine. :o)

Are you ready to be done?
Primarily no. Would I love to only have to go to 39 weeks- YES! But I am not ready to be done. This is the last time I will have a baby jabbing me in the ribs, and attacking me from the inside. I am trying to cherish these moments with my active little monster in there! Ask me again at 40 weeks and 1 day and you might get another answer.

Where is he going to be born?
If we make it...the hospital. Hehe I really have no excuse, it is 8 minutes or so away. While I am bummed we are not at a birthing center, or at home, with his health problems, we would of been transfered to OB care anyway, so I am glad that I have had somewhat consistent care throughout the pregnancy. My doula will be at our birth with us.

Are you nervous or scared?
Yes and No. Glenn is getting there. I am starting to get nervous about the birth, and if I can make it through with no pain med. I am still seeing no other choice for me personally, so I can picture us doing it, just nervous it will be hard.

Are you ready to have three kids (oh and your third boy?)
I am so ready to have an infant. I love love love babies. I love holding them, sleeping with them, nursing them. I am not ready to do this with two crazy preschoolers! We will survive, but to say it will be a breeze is a little naive I think! I am ready to watch Ayden be a terrific big brother. (Mason also, but Ayden will be older to be more involved! He has already told me NO POOPY DIAPERS MOM!)

Here is my little leek. This week he is the length of a leek. The average weight is 6.8lbs. We have that beat out with an ultrasound weight of 7.9lbs. I told Aubrey that we could be off by a lb either way, and she quickly reminded me that could mean he is really 8.9lbs!!!! Nothing I am not used to, as my boys were both 8.12 and 9.1!

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