Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our God is an awesome God!

I had my last (we hope) ultrasound on Friday at 38 weeks and 1 day. We got to take a look at little Reid and check up on his kidneys. Glenn stayed home with the boys and Aubrey went with me.

He is weighing in at 7.9lbs right now, and his fluid levels are good, and he is doing great in there!

I got a little, ok a lot, panicked during the ultrasound. After all my research and the other two ultrasounds, I know what my little guy's kidneys look like. One looks like a bundle of grapes. Empty and black. The other looks like grey tissue. Well at this ultrasound, his left kidney (the one that was a grape) looked splotchy, with both grey and black circles (the grape like things were less singificant and only on the outer sides). The right kidney (the good one) had some black voids in it. And was a little less tissuey. The tech kept referring to the notes on another screen as she was looking at his kidneys. I was really worried that Reid's right kidney was forming cysts by the way they looked. And I have mentioned before that we cannot ask the tech what she sees- we wait for the doc.

So the tech goes to get the doctor. We wait. I tell Aubrey my fears.

The doctor comes in and looks at the pictures. I tell her that it looks different. She agrees, and says yes, it does. I asked her why it looked like the right kindey has cysts in it. She said, it doesn't...that is simply what a kidney of a full term baby looks like. She says what looks different is that the left kidney is not as bad as they expect it to be. It normally is a large cyst or void at this time, and it is showing that there could be some tissue in there, and it could have function. Praise God!

This time between knowing about this and now- I have prayed for strength. I have prayed for peace. I have prayed for guidance. And He has answered and I have gotten it. I never prayed for a miracle. It didn't occur to me. I didn't think I had a right. I thought that God gave us a gift in Reid, just like Mason and there was a plan. Glenn did. Oh how I love my husband. He knew to ask for the best, and pray and expect the best! While we still could be faced with struggles, and there may not be complete function we are thrilled with the idea that it is not as bad as it could or should be!

We will find out more details when Reid has tests after he is born (at week 1 and week 6)! This is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!


Aubrey said...

Awww tears. Definitely love you and your husband. How aware he is...

The Navarrete's said...

I'm so happy for all of you! That is amazing news!

Lisa Davis said...

Praise Jesus! What a blessing! We too are facing one kidney/malformed right kidney. I am due in 3 weeks. My email is if you want to chat.

Mom to Alissa, 8.5, Abbi, 7, and Tristan Ray due 9-2

Eshei said...

Wow, that is really wonderful news! Praise God!!! Uncle Ross and I are thinking about you, praying for you, and excited for you! love you, 'TEileen