Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you SHOCKED?

I am...shocked to be typing here. 

Yesterday Ayden asked me what it was like when hurricane Ike came here.  Guess what I did?  I read him this and this and this.  It was really special and fun to be able to read him stories about what he said, what we did, etc...  He even asked where we all slept, and guess what this blog post talked about where we slept! 

So I find myself back, telling the story of our life and what is like.  With three boys, a big boy and me~ a lady~ kind of (I am surrounded by boys!)  I am going to tell these stories so our sweet boys can come back and read all about life!

I am not sure if I can fill in the blanks of the last two years.  We have grown, we have done new things, we have laughed, cried and made new friends!  Maybe I will go back and tell you stories about the past to explain the future, I guess we will see!

For today I will start with who we are and what we do now, end of June 2012...

Daddy~ quickly turning into just Dad, works, ran a 5k with no training, plays, plays, plays, coaches, is present, tickles, does bed and books, learns more about God and bible, still a crazy wakeboarder, loves the water (lakes of course), has time with good friends...
Mommy~ like Dad is becoming just Mom, organizes, works, tickles, drives people where they go, hangs with great girlfriends, loves God, cooks, cleans, encourages, cheers on little athletes, reads...
Ayden~ 2nd grade coming in the FALL (eeeeeeek), smart cookie, energy, fast, no more cartoons, sports NUT, friend, sensitive, sleeper, 2nd base!, ball player, chapter books, swimmer, bible time, crazy with brothers, traveler, camps, camps, camps!
Mason~ Kinder-kid this fall, clown, fast, kind, athlete, loyal, compasionate, leader of little R, helper, computers, learner, starting to READ, loves numbers, FAST swimmer, ball player, deal maker, learning about camps, friends, loves to PRAY, I can't believe I forgot...he is LOUD! 
Reid~ tasmanian devil.  Really.  Picture it.  Can't wait to be big, always catching up, loves watching baseball, TV nut, counter, talker, potty-man, survivor, energy, cuddler, knocker, RUNNER, daddy's boy, fruit, mimi & paci man, moving up to pre-school (eeeeeek)!

We just wrapped swim season this morning.  The boys swam fast.  They were the underdogs of each age group this summer and they held their own.  We can't wait for next year and are so grateful for the friends we have made!  The coaches at the Otters were AMAZING and we hope to stay in touch.  For are some seed times so we can look back next year! **all times are in yards

A (7)...25free (19.65), 25back (26.54), 25fly (29.97), 25breast (34.49)
M (5)...25free (25.76), 25back (36.69)
R...well no swim team yet but he is working on 8-10 feet of swimming to mom and dad!  Otters or bust 2013!

Here are a few (iPhone) photos of what me and my people look like these days! 

So until the next fun story....