Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diboll vacation!

We went to Diboll this past weekend! It was fun, but a little discouraging as well. The allergies from the pollen were out of control!

Check out the photos- I couldn't choose just a few! We went to the train museum again. The boys played outside and fished several times!

18 weeks!

My favorite veggie! This week is a good one! This baby will really start to grow in the next 6 weeks!

I also took my first belly shot! It was at 18 weeks and 3 days. Fun fun!

Silly Boys

What do we do for fun?????

Well, I had my camera out and the boys were on their way up the stairs...they asked me to take photos of their booties?????!!!!!!!!


AND another cute one while we are at it...what do you suppose you find when you see two little feet sticking out past the island? Two little boys that were told they couldn't have chocolate milk by their daddy. Well we now must realize that one little boy knows how to open the fridge, get what he wants, put the straw through the box, etc.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

16 AND 17 weeks!

I am behind. Today- I am 17 weeks! Had a doctor appt this morning, and the baby's heart rate was 168. I go back in 3 weeks to the day for our BIG ultrasound! I have also felt some flutters that I am fairly certain is the baby moving. It is strange- with the boys I had felt them for sure by now! So here are photos of both weeks! **For seventeen weeks we are going for weight!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's go swimming- in our backyard for the first time!!!

We heated the spa today. The pool would of taken a bit longer! The boys had a great time- swam in the spa for an hour and a half! We are so happy to be here this summer, and so grateful for the things we have been given in life!

KBALL Spring 2009!

Ayden is a part of ORWALL. It is the little league here- with I would guess well over 1000 players. The morning started with opening day parade- where all the teams were announced on Senior Field. There was tons of activities at the fields, and it was a great turnout. Ayden and his dad Coach Glenn are on the KBALL Orioles team. They had their first "game" today- in where it was a half game to get all the players on the field today. Ayden's friend in the picture is John Edwin, who played with him on the Marlins last year for the YMCA. We are happy they are on the same team this year, and his Dad is the assistant coach! Ayden had a lot of fans that day, Mimi, Pappy, Oma, Gomer, Jojo and Grandpa!

Mason had a great time playing with his buddy, Noah- John Edwin's brother, and having a treat so that the mommies could watch the game without watching the little ones run all over the fields. :o) We may go purchase a large box from Sam's for the future games.

What a blessing to see your littlest one grow up to such a big boy. I had tears in my eyes this morning seeing him in his uniform! I am so proud!