Saturday, March 7, 2009

KBALL Spring 2009!

Ayden is a part of ORWALL. It is the little league here- with I would guess well over 1000 players. The morning started with opening day parade- where all the teams were announced on Senior Field. There was tons of activities at the fields, and it was a great turnout. Ayden and his dad Coach Glenn are on the KBALL Orioles team. They had their first "game" today- in where it was a half game to get all the players on the field today. Ayden's friend in the picture is John Edwin, who played with him on the Marlins last year for the YMCA. We are happy they are on the same team this year, and his Dad is the assistant coach! Ayden had a lot of fans that day, Mimi, Pappy, Oma, Gomer, Jojo and Grandpa!

Mason had a great time playing with his buddy, Noah- John Edwin's brother, and having a treat so that the mommies could watch the game without watching the little ones run all over the fields. :o) We may go purchase a large box from Sam's for the future games.

What a blessing to see your littlest one grow up to such a big boy. I had tears in my eyes this morning seeing him in his uniform! I am so proud!

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I love your weekly fruit! I have been watching your fruit to measure mine! :) How have you been feeling??