Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My girls...

Oh my sweet girls!  They are so much more to me than friends.... they are confidants and support.  They make me happy and bring me comfort!  These women are inspiring, strong, and AMAZING!  They provide me with a community that I didn't even know I wanted before God placed them so strategically in my life!!!  Funny how He knows exactly what I need!

One of our sweet friends, Kim, celebrated a birthday last week and we had the best time together welcoming this new year!  We started at a pizza joint...cause that is her favorite!  We found out how to feed 9 girls on a GREAT budget...$4.71!
Brandy at Steel City!
Brandy and Lisa at Steel City
Kindell and Taylene
Our gift to Kim.  365 verses from each book of the bible from 8 friends of ours!  Kindell made an amazing tag to remind Kim of how very dear she is to us, and she gets the reminder each day of the year.
So much fun!  Amy, Kim, Lisa and Susie
Opening her card...that was so perfect for her!
Our gift brought tears to the entire table!  We are sappy girls!
Painting with a Twist!  It was so much fun!
Lisa and her sweet baby girl all ready to paint!!!, friends and painting!  
My painting!
Kim hard at work!
All of the girls that make life wonderful!!!

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