Monday, October 18, 2010


A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. has completed it's 25th summer this year.  We are simply blessed.  Blessed with growth, fantastic staff, fun times, and safe pools!  Family businesses feel just like their

In my first years as a supervisor (when there were 7 of us instead of 23), we would end the summer with a company trip to the Comal River in New Braunfels, TX.  It was a well received idea to bring back the tradition in 2010, and bring upper management to the Comal to celebrate a successful summer.  The wonderful toppings to the trip, was that out of the 9 employees that attended in 2010, 5 of us had been together in the last 8 years on that very trip.  Another fantastic blessing...we have all come back to a job that has rewarded us each after finishing college and obtaining degrees!  **We didn't have the courage to stay in the 20 person bunk house, but it was still just as fun!

We had a GREAT time.  Families were invited, and my little ones had a great time floating the river for the first time.  Glenn was in his element at the Texas Ski Ranch (cable park for water sports), and the meals and entertainment were delightful!

Michael and Kelli
Aubrey and I
Marty and Allison
Kyle and Mellissa
Group photo :)
Jeff and Caitlyn
Crazy Michael and Jeff
Oh Diana...on the hunt for the drink that is not quite as sweet!
Super fun group!!!
You would never know she is ___!

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