Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seriously, September Still???

Yes, this crazy lady is still blogging about things that happened in September.  I am not a good blogger...consistency is one of the most important parts of being a good/decent blogger, and I am not that.  Lately life has been more important.  It is important to me to catch up with life here, because I really get a kick out of looking back!

And these things in September...very very important!!!

A dear friend got married in September, and it brought great moments with terrific friends!  Courtney and her family came to stay with us, and we had a wonderful time with the kids.  Sleepovers every night, and kids playing each breathing moment.  I love having my best friend in the same zip code!

Bath and sleepover friends.  After Emma had left, Mason called Oma Emma for at least a week!  He missed his dear friend!
Beautiful Courtney and Lance
Can you see up his nose?  teehee, self portrait time!
We know how to have a great time...
Zip codes can't keep us apart!
She's got moves!!!!
Friends for a decade! Christen, Courtney, Heather, Colleen, Julie
Adding the bride and another friend!
Yes, there were that many pictures of us dancing and laughing...cause that is what we do best!
My perfect man!

The day before the Steffek's departure, they took some AWESOME family photos, and we had a very fun marshmallow roast.  The kids had a blast, and then we decided after a smore, grown up's needed to snack on some smashed cake from the photo shoot!  Seriously, you can only live once right?
 Aren't they adorable?

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