Tuesday, June 2, 2009

28 weeks last Thurday, and a bummer ultrasound...

I seem to always update this on the Tuesday after I get one week bigger.

This is a really fuzzy update. I thought I got a better photo. But this little one is the weight of a cabbage.

I also had an ultrasound on Monday to double check that the little babe has a 3 vessel cord. It doesn't appear that he does. A normal umbilical cord has 3 vessels, one to the baby and two back. Little babe has one to and one back. We have been scheduled for a higher level ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure that this is not an indicator of any other problems. It can come with many other complications, or it can be a simple problem or growth restriction, or nothing at all. I am trying to not get overly stressed and to stay away from google. With my little Mason, many of you know, I had mother's intuition from the get go. I knew something was not right. I have NEVER had that feeling with this little babe. We are praying each day, more than once for it all to be nothing, and just a fluke thing!

I also gained an astronmical amount of weight in 5 short weeks! Aghhhhh, but then today I had lost 5 of the lbs, so maybe the babe just peed a lot yesterday morning...

And finally he is head up (with his foot and hand up there as well). Here's to coaxing the little babe into the right place in the next 4-5 weeks!

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Aubrey said...

Not a bummer...just not what was expected. IF there are issues, you'll get it through it just like you handled Mase. Beautifully and with all the support of your friends, family, and most important the One upstairs who matter most.