Tuesday, May 26, 2009

27 weeks last Thursday!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! I can't wait to post pictures from my husband's boy trip to the Ranch. They had a great time, and came back late, tired and smelly.

Last Thursday I was 27 weeks. The baby is the weight of a head of cauliflower. Fun fact: He is getting his baby hiccups.

His room is coming together- hoping to post pictures soon. While the boys were away I got a lot done in terms of organizing and my bought me a new car seat for this little one! This one will fit in the double stroller for whichever big boy gets tired legs. I also purchased some new boppy covers (they get pretty nasty over time stored away, even though they had been washed), swaddling blankets (they have come a long way in 4.5 years), and a few baby bottles (BPA free) in case I am lucky enough to have a babe this time that takes the occasional bottle.


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