Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Fun Saturday!

After I worked this morning we had some awesome family time. We all went to Sam's to shop for brunch Sunday morning. Ayden had his first run in with fingers in a car door in the Sam's parking lot. I was so sad for him, I remember exactly how horrible it felt when that happened to me. Dad felt badly as well, it was his door that he shut with Adyen's fingers in it. Then we went to the grovery store and came home to have dinner. After dinner we decided to swim in place of the nightly bath. The boys are becoming such awesome swimmers. I am so proud. When I watch them swim or watch the video, I fully expect that they should both be swimming well. Then I remember that they are 2 and 4! I am so proud. Huge shout out to their wonderful swim school- FINS!


The Navarrete's said...

I know you guys teach swim lessons and run an entire pool company...but how do you get a 2 year old to swim so well!!! My goal this summer is to get Jackson swimming!! Any tips?? (or classes that your company runs) :)

Aubrey said...

oh my gosh!! ayden just swims out and get the thing floating and swims back!!!