Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seasons are Changing

I am so sad that the school year is coming to an end. It seems like yesterday that Mason started his first year of Mothers Day Out and Ayden started his first year of Preschool! Both the boys have the most amazing teachers. They are truely a part of our lives, and we will miss them dearly over the summer, and can't wait to say hi again next school year. I wish you could take your teachers with you each year, but I know there will be more great teachers to come!

Ayden and Mason had a summer program. I was helping with Mason's class, on stage- so we didn't get any pictures of him. He did march right up to the mic though and say loudly "Hi Ayden!"

We are looking forward to a fun summer with Ms. LeAnn coming over three days a week and fun times with our Oma and Mimi!

I also really love our progression of trying to get a decent picture with our kids...haha...we got to a good compromise. **And with everything that is hard- I find myself wondering how on earth I will do this or that with 3 crazy boys.

And what happens on the way home when mama forgets to remind her almost three year old to go potty before leaving???

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