Thursday, June 4, 2009

The blank, but BEAUTIFUL slate!

Photos of the new room! The painters and carpenters are all done, and I get to decorate the wall and the shelf! The window treatments should not be far behind. I am also still debating on recovering the rocker in the navy- but prob won't get there.

**excuse the dirty lense...

On a side note~ our ultrasound has been rescheduled to next Tuesday. We should get the results right after the ultrasound. I also have a new best friend...Dr. Wolf, my new chiro. He is helping me with some lower back pain, hip soreness, and turning this little bug while he has the room! It felt great right away and baby Reid has been moving and grooving in all the space that was created by my adjustments all day! Yahooooo!

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Courtney, Lance and Emma said...

everything looks great!! doesnt look like its too cramped either...dont fret, no one will be playing in there for at least another 12-18 mths!