Sunday, June 14, 2009

29 & 30 weeks

29 weeks came and went. The baby continued to grow, and weight was what was noted this week.

29 weeks the baby was the weight of a butternut squash.

30 weeks was this past Thursday.

30 weeks the baby was the weight of a midan papaya. It is roughly 3 lbs. Reid was estimated at our ultrasound the previous Monday with a weight of 3.2 lbs, which can be off a few ounces either way at this stage. His vision is getting better, at 20/400.

I am still visiting the chiro, to help move the baby in the correct position, and to help with lower back pain. It is wonderful!

We have an appointment on Wednesday with the pediatric urologist. I also have a tuesday appt with my ob. Busy week for appts if you throw the twice per week chiro.

We are praying for good news on Wednesday about Reid's specific case. I am processing all of this one day at a time, with some better than others. I trust in God, and know why Mason was given to us, and with the problems he had. I have no choice, or reason to trust that God has a plan for our family and for this precious little baby.

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The Navarrete's said...

Thinking about your family all the time! Reid will be great! Positive thoughts and prayers your way always!