Monday, August 4, 2008

Lakehouse weekend away!

Photos galore!

A picture tells a thousand words! Our wonderful friends joined us at the lake house in Austin! We did the early morning boating, skiing, and wake boarding sessions, followed by wonderful brunches and lunches! We drove around on the scooters and enjoyed the scenery! We had grown up conversations mostly about our kids, and then packed up and headed home!

Glenn driving!

Vicki and I riding!

First night there!

Stephen skiing!

Me wake boarding- side note- I was much better than I remembered. I guess the last three years of watching my awesome husband helped my perfect my skills! I got up on the first try and definitely had the most water time! Fun Times!

Glenn getting air!


Sunrise from the boat!

Wonderful pedicure! The first thing Vicki and I did when we got there!


Lance said...

just a little jealous...haha..looks like an awesome fun time for mommy and daddy! love courtney

JRT said...

Thank you for the congratulations. I couldn't get the message thing to work on Facebook. I am glad to see you and your family doing so well and enjoyed reading our blog. Your boys are precious!