Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason!

Warning- long :o)

Each day I take for granted the wonderful gift God gave us. First we were blessed by God with Ayden, then came Mason where we had a definite God wink and reminder of His Grace!

Two years ago (well by the time I am writing this, it is two years and a week and a half) Mason entered our life! We never could of imagined or prepared ourselves for the challenges that came from after his birthday! He was born at 8:30am and we were blessed with a second beautiful son! Many of you know the story that followed. Over the next six months we witnessed a true miracle. On normal days it is easy to forget the miracles and gifts that our children are. Birthdays and wonderful moments are days where I wander back in time and thank God!

On Mason's birthday this year, I took moments to remember the time of his birth and his strength to preservere. I remember how nothing in the world mattered but my son and my family! I thought about my feelings of shock, fear, anticipation, hope, and victory. I thought about the moments where I didn't think I could move one second further, and how much I depended on and appreciated my friends and family. I thought about how strong my husband was and how he was our glue going between me and Mason and Ayden. My sister for being "mommy" to my little guy at home. I specifically remembered feelings of denial where I couldn't face what was happening and how my mother and mother-in-law watched over my son, when I could not step foot in his room. On his birthday this year, I had a strong feeling of appreciation for the early mornings and late nights they spent with their hands cradling my son when I just could not face what was happening. They were there before and after each and every procedure, no matter what the time. It was good to connect with these feelings, still very real, and have so much peace and thankfulness (I have used the word thankful very much but there is not a word that works better than this) for our crazy daily life. It is so exciting to tell people that wonder, Mason has no lasting effects from his extensive brain bleeds and overcomes the world with 3/4 of a normal brain!

Happy Birthday Mason!

They stil have these moments, but are the best of friends!

Shortly after birth and difficult memories to swallow

Getting stronger!

On Mason's real birthday this year, we woke up and had presents in the morning. He got his Birthday Boy t-shirt which he loved. That evening we had his favorite- pizza and cupcakes. Our wonderful neighbors came and celebrated and enjoyed pupcakes (not a typo, what the boys call cupcakes) with us. Mason refused to touch the pupcakes, as he doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He attempted to lean over and eat it, and then swiftly asked for a fork! It was a fun day!

On Saturday we had a pool party at Jojo's house! Family and friends joined us in the fun! My wonderful cousin came with her four kiddos under 5! I am still in awe! It was a crazy but wonderful time! Happy 2nd Birthday Mason!


Lance said...

oh my, what a beautiful message. you made me teary, i know you must have been writing it too! So glad Mason had a great birthday too!

Lance said...

oh and its me courtney, not lance.

Eileen said...

Heather, what a beautiful story and testimony! We share your joy about your beautiful family!


kelly said...

heather-so good to catch up with you and your beautiful family! love the idea of camp oma...happy birthday mason!