Friday, July 18, 2008

Oma Camp 2008

I couldn't help myself with the photos, I love them all. Background on Oma Camp! I grew up pretty far away from both of my grandparents. When I reached college age it was pretty much understood, my parents were not going anywhere. Glenn's family was so amazing when I met him. Big, loving and all within 30 miles. They have wonderful moments and are all so close.

About a year or so ago, I was reading the infamous Parenting Magazine, and came across a family that did grandkid camp each summer, because they lived far from their grandchildren and all the grandchildren lived far from eachother. It sounded like a special time, so I decided to start that tradition.

This summer was the first year for the boys, and as oppossed to a week, for fear of my mother never being the same, we did four days. My mom took the boys down to Galveston to her beach house and they had a blast, and did it all! They are two very lucky little guys to have an Oma that loves to do all the same kind of things that my little guys do! Oma packed the car with all kinds of toys, and things they loved! Aunnie, Lala and her son, all stopped by Galveston to spend some time with them.

And what do you suppose Glenn and I did with four weekdays to ourselves? Painted most of our house, walls, ceilings, the whole kabob! Instead of relaxing, on day 1 we taped the house for three hours, day 2 we painted the entire first coat with the help of 5 friends, day 3 we painted the entire second coat and the playroom, and by the morning of day 4 the whole house was put back together like we never moved a thing! We did all the work after work each night till 1am! We love the outcome!

Our boys called me Oma for a few days, and kept wondering where she was! I know this special time is going to a great memory!

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karenstorey said...

Heather, Your blog is GREAT. Your pics and stories are perfect! I miss the boys but it looks like they are haaving a great summer. You look great too!

Karen S.