Tuesday, July 7, 2009

32 weeks. Not now, just playing catch up

Opps. So back on June 25th I was 32 weeks pregnant.

Kim had a tough one with that fruit. So she wandered the store going back to the fruit scale and found the following calculation came out to the correct weight for Reid. I do truely feel he is much heavier than what is stated. We make big little babies!

Enjoy- tomorrow will be a 33 weeks post, and hoping Thursday I have my stuff together with the newest update- 34 weeks. We also have an additional level 2 ultrasound on Thursday morning that we will send out an update for- say some prayers for us!


Aubrey said...

Oh goodness!! I didn't know you had another level two!! Thank goodness for the blog.

lisaspencer1977 said...

Hello! It seems we are living similar lives right now! Our little boy, Tristan, got diagnosed in utero with a dysplastic right kidney with a cyst or two. The left is slightly dialated but otherwise appears normal. He's also currently breech. When is your due date? I think you are a couple weeks ahead of me. I'm 32 weeks right now. I would love to follow your progress if you don't mind. There's not too many posts out there on this. How was your appt.?

Heather and Glenn said...

Hey there! We have several cysts all the way through Reid's left kidney. Too many to count I think. The right on Reid looked ok. They didn't mention anything different about his size of the right, but I do know that the healthy kidney should be larger than normal because it is picking up the function of both. I am 34 weeks now- due Aug 20. Does Tristan also have a 2 vessel cord? The specialist appt just outlined what tests we will have, I think I posted about it last month....There are definitely not alot of posts out there about this with otherwise healthy babies. How long have you had your diagnosis? I will be having an appt tomorrow morning that I will update everyone on tomorrow. :o) for finding me- would love to follow your progress as well...hoping all stays well for you.

Heather and Glenn said...

Forgot to mention- after finding out Reid was transvere I found a chiro that specialized in Webster technique and started doing the crazy upside down stuff on spinningbabies.com. I also did some head stands and flips in the pool several times. Within three-four weeks of chiro appts and a week of the recomendations from spinning babies, we had moved to head down! Good luck with that- you have time for sure!