Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh Ayden

During our ultrasound appt yesterday, Glenn had my phone and was screening calls from my office regarding payroll. While I was looking at our little guy in amazament at the screen, he answered and began talking to a female. After a minute or so I was wondering who that was- as he had not passed the phone to me yet.

He hung up and told me it was LeAnn, our sweet summer nanny. Mason had thrown an airplane at Ayden and it sliced his head. The bleeding had stopped, but the cut was open and she wondered if he needed stitches. Glenn was kind of speaking slowly and calmly and not very rushed in his demeanor. I think before he was done, I was enthusiastically telling him to go....quickly go see how Ayden was. So Glenn headed home, and I stayed, due to the probe and goo on my belly.

On my way home, Glenn told me it was worth me coming home to look at. I got home, and all was calm. All blood had been cleaned up, which was nice for me, and Ayden was waiting to be examined by his momma. Adyen told me the blood went down his face. Nice mental photo ther. And the verdict- off to the doctor we go. BUT wait- nope not the doctor, can't be that lucky. His pediatrician's office does not treat head and face wounds in office. Oh dear. So off to the ER we go.

It wasn't a horrible visit. Adyen was impatient in the room, but did just fine. Since his cut was on his hair line, they were able to use his hair from either side of the wound, and tie and twist it into place and then add the glue. Thank goodness for no stitches. He still was his dramatic little self even with the hair twisting and tying.

Ayden is not premitted to swim or sweat a lot for 2 weeks. I am hoping that the glue starts to peel away and that is closer to a week's worth of time. We have a very important pool party to attend next Saturday for a special three yr old. We also have plans to go to Splash Town next Sunday. I am hoping a tight fitting swim cap may keep out the water.

Through the visit my little man kept smiling....

C-Shaped cut that spread open

A little further away- you can see his cheeks are grinning

Always say cheese, even with a head cut

The only thing left is purple glue and a little spike in his hair

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