Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally caught up! 34 weeks

Yesterday was a busy day. First was the reality that in 6 weeks or less I will have three kids. Oh my Oh my. The reality check went on to that being three BOYS when I was taking my oldest to ER for a small head wound. But I will have another post dedicated only to him next.

At 34 weeks, Reid is the weight of a canteloupe. At the office the little baby no longer fits on the cute little shelf. It has temporarily moved to the desk area.

We had our 2nd ultrasound Thursday morning. It went so well. He is growing at a good rate. All of his measurements were between 33wks5days and 35 weeks. With his noggin being on the larger side (measuring 35 weeks). Of course that would be the case. They estimated his weight at 5.2lbs, right on track with a bit of a bigger baby, but not too scary. His kidneys had no change. You could clearly see the left kidney with several cysts throughout. It looked much different than the right side. The right kidney had no problems either. They will continue to watch his growth, due to the 2V cord. As he grows and the placenta and cord age, there can be growth restriction, but I am not so worried about that at this point, he is chunking up as we speak.

Leaving you with my weekly photo and heading on to the next adventure....

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