Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Shower- 34 weeks 2 days

My sweet friends and family came to our shower, hosted by Grit and Carol today! I hadn't thought that I wanted or needed a shower, but I am so glad they pushed. We did diapers and food, and I think I have enough diapers for an army of babies. It was wonderfully amazing. I loved the colors- matching the room colors for Reid. The decorations, food and fun were lovely. We played some cute games that we haven't played at several showers lately. My friends also made me a birthing necklace, and wished me luck and words of love for our natural childbirth with Reid. It was so special and the necklace is lovely. Enjoy the photos....

34 weeks 2 days
Wyatt and Kasey- cutie
Vicki and I
Kim won a game!
Mimi, Jojo, and Gigi. We missed Oma and Aunnie tons!
Birthing Necklace, made with love for me to wear during our birth
Diaper cake with his 3D ultrasound on the top
Homeade decor by Carol
Awesome big brother frame~ almost made me teary
Beautiful favors
Vicki framed my invitation

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