Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Mason

Mason's birthday party was today. In the land of NO RAIN. So what do you suppose happened at the party that took pregnant lady several trips to the store, and 2 days of intense planning and prepping? It TYPHOONED on us. Hard core rain. Right when we had just served dinner. Sideways rain, lightening, LOUD thunder about one hour into the party. As we were rushing all the water soaked food and place settings inside, the power went OUT! Oh my. Hot, fun, loud, stuffy, messy 3 year old birthday party went on rain or snow. We had a wonderful time, and all of our fantastic friends reminded me to sit, take it easy and were a tremendous help! Our families were a blessing, and all helped out, and Glenn and I couldn't of done it without my Mom who was here all day. Mason was blessed with wonderful gifts, that he is anxiously awaiting opening.

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