Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Ayden!

I have a four year old! I think that makes me feel older than my age.

Let's start with the week before my little guys big day...Ayden was home sick Tuesday through Friday. We battled cough, cold, fever, ear infections, and vomit. It was tiring and we were hoping he would be past all of that by his big day on Saturday. Then Friday night Mason started throwing up as well. He threw up from 11pm till about 3am every 15 minutes. Glenn was a trooper and stayed in his room with him all night. My mom came over and stayed with him while we went to Ayden's party. We were bummed that Mason could not come, but very thankful for my mom making it so that both Glenn and I could go.

Ayden celebrated his birthday with friends and then family the next day. This was our first year for a true friends party. We had a party at FINS, where Ayden has taken swim lessons for the last two years! It was tons of fun!

On Sunday our parents and grandparents joined us for a get together at our house! Ayden was showered with gifts. He is so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!

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