Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun news and my morning!

Those that know me, know that when I was a teenager I wanted 6 children! OMG just writing that makes me think that I am really off my rocker! I no longer want 6 children, but I do think that God has another heart and soul meant to be a Dominy. Glenn and I have been discussing and praying about this idea for the last 3 or 4 months. Glenn's stance had been "We are done." Who can blame him, our family is his comfort zone. We have two sons, born in November and July, 20 months apart. Glenn and his brother are 20 months apart, born in November and early August. Picture perfect, his comfort zone. Like I said, we discussed and prayed about our different opinions. Last week, Glenn let me know that he also wanted a third child. :o)

Now, given that this came about last week, we do not have current pregnancy news. I am excited to be able to share our trials, tribulations, and joys of trying to conceive in the upcoming months with our family and friends through our blog. I am one of the biggest planners I know, so we will be attempting to plan the arrival of our new addition around my summer season!

On to my morning...I visited Nativiti birthing center this morning. It was amazing and birthing center births are going to be my new obsession in the upcoming months. Glenn and I have an unbelievable decision to make in the upcoming months regarding the birth of our third child. There are pros, cons, risks and benefits of every decision anyone makes. We will not be taking this decision lightly at all. Again, those that know me, know that there is not a single stone goes unturned in the world of research by Heather. I had so many questions answered this morning speaking with the midwife, and we will be praying for guidance in this exciting journey!


kelly said...

aw, best of luck!!

Courtney, Lance and Emma said...

WOW, lets put it all out there. Happy planning, making and conceiving!! Love you! And cant wait to meet number 3 in 10-12 months!

The Navarrete's said...

We are trying again too!! I'll be sending baby thoughts your way if you send them mine!!! :) Good luck!

Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

good luck and have fun making it happen!