Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mothers and their daughters!

My mom, sister and I had some photos taken by Debby Colson! I have a favorite but I love them all!

I absolutely adore the relationship I have with both my sister and my mother. I can honestly say they are my best friends! I can even say that after the week trip we just took together.

My sister is amazingly independent and strong. I look up to her courage and heart!

My mother is a wonderful role model and well rounded woman. I look up to her both personally and professionally. She is the first person I call when I need mom advice, and that is the way God intended that special relationship! It makes me so proud to have a mother that can provide that to me!

Ok enough rambling about how much I love my mom and sister....onto the photos!


Courtney, Lance and Emma said...

Cute PICS!!! Which is your fav? I like them all. Are you going to fwd the article to me?

Heather and Glenn said...

The last one is my fav! And of course I will send, comes out in November!

Beth said...

oh my gosh heath, these pictures are awesome. you all look amazing!