Friday, December 19, 2008


So we are closing on our new house today. Our current house is on the market, and it has been a bit slow coming due to the current month and the housing market. If anyone knows of someone looking for a house in the burbs...our house listing.

We will be putting in a new wall at the new house to close off the children's retreat. (Not needed because of the HUGE gameroom upstairs). We will be painting all 3000 sq feet, including baseboards. We will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We will be doing landscaping. We will be cleaning a pool. And all to be finished so we can move in right after the new year. Phew! But we are so excited we get to start tomorrow.

We are also expecting another little one, if the pictures I posted below didn't give it away. I have been uterley exhausted. You think when you have your first child it is tough and tiring. Then you have your second, and can't believe it can actually get more tiring, more tough, and you feel more crazy. Then you have the third. I think you can finish this pattern. I have cried more in the last week and a half, then I think I cried in the entire last year. The last year, I have not been pregnant or nursing anyone. I had forgotten that I didn't feel normal for three years before that, and here I am going on that journey again! I have my first appointment with a midwife on Jan. 8! I am so excited!

We also start the festivities tomorrow. We are going Saturday through Thursday, each day to a different suburb (45min-1 hour away) for different family Christmas's. As much as we love it, it can make a pregnant girl with two kids, rather tired just thinking about it!

Merry Christmas, and I hope to post pictures of Christmas cutties soon! I just have to take some :o)

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what a surprise to check this and there be an update!