Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reid is four weeks old!

Where has the time gone? I just want it to stand still. These are days that I will never see again with a sweet little newborn baby.

Reid has his first cold :(. I knew that he would have baby colds, since he has touchy, feely, germy little brothers. It is very sad. The first night he didn't know how to cough, so he would just choke. We have only had to do the blue suction about two times a day, which is good because it makes his skin red, and he truely hates it. He has also slept in his swing for three nights to be elevated. I really miss him next to me.

We had a visit to the chiropractor Tuesday, and had a good evening! He gets a little fussy in the evening. I hope it continues. We also visited the doctor on Monday for a low grade fever to be safe. All checked out ok. He is measuring in at 21 inches (short little guy) and 9lbs10oz! He is 25% for heighth, and 50% for weight. Chunker. I can't believe in four weeks he has gained 2lbs, 13oz! He loves his food for sure.

Sleep is going well. He wakes up two to three times per night. Not to bad in my book, and the first stretch is five to six hours.

He is also looking around and concentrating much more. He looks at toys, fans, lights and people. His smiles are sweet, and he is really trying to make some fun baby noises.

The older brothers are playing fall tball, and doing great in school. New photos of them to come soon.


Melissa Mizell said...

Sweet baby boy! Can't believe how time is flying! How can our babies be growing so fast? : (

Heather and Glenn said...

I know. It makes me really sad :(