Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week two for Reid

What's new?

Well Reid lost his bungy cord (Ayden and Mason's name for the umbilical cord). This allows us to have a bath that we can really float in. He loves it!

Eats a lot. Usually going 3 hours a few times at the beginning of the night, and then every two hours, or not at all after 4am. Daytime sees us eating every 1-2 hours!

Ayden still adores him! As you can see from the pictures. (Ayden was thrilled Reid was holding onto his arm in the photos below!) Ayden is quite the little helper, knowing and readily doing what needs to be done for mommy very quickly when required.

True to form, and just like his brothers, he HATES the car. This is a problem when you have brothers who need to be driven to their activities.

A very tired mommy and daddy. Three kids is more than anyone could imagine, unless you happen to have three or more. We are getting used to it though.

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