Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My handsome brother in law & beautiful new sister in law!

Chad and Megan got married in Louisville, KY. We had a great time, and the wedding, bride and groom were beautiful!

Glenn was the best man, and he truely was the "best" best man. His speech was so touching! I will have to see if he can post it here so we can keep it somewhere for good.

Ayden and Mason were ring bearers, and they were the cutest little ring bearers ever. I know I may be partial, but I really think they were the world's cutest.

We also went to the zoo in Lousville, which was lovely. The weather is perfect there, and we never dropped a ball of sweat enjoying all the animals.

Reid had his first plane ride and was a great little traveler, not really changing his routine of eating and sleeping. He did show off some of his smiles for a few hours. He spent most of his daytime hours in the sling, and my 29 year old body didn't handle that quite as well as my 23 year old body did when I used to wear Ayden for that long.

Many pictures weren't taken of momma, but we will make up for that in the coming months, and hopefully Papa and Gigi have some on their camera!

Enjoy the pics~ the photos are in reverse order, sorry!

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Melissa Mizell said...

He's getting so big! Too cute!