Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Vacation Alabama!

In celebration of Reid's two month birthday (a whole new subject, but where did they last two months go?), we went to Alabama to visit Courtney, Lance, Emma and Reid's good friend Lachlan! Lachlan and Reid like to hang out, cry, nurse, pee, suck on paci's and nurse again together! Lachlan tries to teach Reid to laugh more than once or twice a day, and to like the car a little better! Both boys are the sweetest little things and we had a great time. Emma is a little mommy, helping Courtney with everything she can. She even read stories to the boys while Courtney and I got dinner ready! Courtney and I like to shop and drink wine together, and we had a great time doing life in AL, visiting, and hanging out! Courtney and Lance asked me to be Lachlan's Godmother, and I couldn't be more honored and excited! Lachlan is a doll and a perfect little guy!


Paci Boys

Emma and Reid on his two month birthday!

Little Mommy

Funny mommy

Funny Ms. Texas Heather

What's up Reid?

So much fun!

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