Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanks to one of our friends Kim, I got a great idea for the advent calendar. Instead of filling our advent with junk....we have filled it with fun things for the family to do together each day. The boys really love getting up in the morning and having us read what the days activities hold! Here are some of the pictures from the first days. We didn't take pictures of sodas after school, desert at Chick Fil A but the ones that are really fun, and more than a special treat we try to remember to pull out the photos!

More blog posts to come for the rest of December!

Dec 1 snowflakes for the window

Dec 4 Christmas Tree campout with Christmas stories and cocoa


Uncle John(ny) said...

haha how awesome! you two are geniuses!

Uncle John(ny) said...

...I want Christmas stories and cocoa :(