Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tis the Season

We started the Christmas season with a visit with Santa. The boys and I made our Santa letter this morning, and brought it to Santa at Market Street this afternoon! They really enjoyed it and it was very pleasant that this was a year where no one was scared of Santa!

Photo of a photo! :)
Mason was so proud when he finally got up here by himself. BUT I didn't get that pic!
Cute boys, I had to show them their pic for them to finally take a good one!
Giant tree! Ayden says that Santa must of decorated this tree in his sleigh since it was so tall!
My attempt at a close up, Mason bumped into Ayden's nose!
After Santa, Mason was done with those photos!
Kung fu in the walkway!
Oh cute boys!
Santa's letters!

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Aubrey said...

dying at the cuteness of those letters!