Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day of Testing!

Happy three months to our little man! On November 24th Reid finally had his tests to confirm his multicystic displastic kidney. We took off at 6:30am to the med center. My mom joined us- Glenn had a lot of work to finish before Thanksgiving.

Reid was a trooper. He cried when he should- injection of good ole radioactive material, that shows up on the scan of his kidneys, and when he had his catheter for the xrays of his bladder and urinary tract. The catheter seemed to take forever to get into place :( Momma was about to whip out a boob on the table to get him to calm down! He napped during the scan, where they swaddled him and taped him to the table- his kind of nap! He fussed and cried some during the xrays, not quite so comfy and they had to pour water on him to get him to pee! I would cry to I suppose!

We don't have the official results, but all looked good to Dr. Heather. There was only material in one kidney on his scan. Which is a good thing. If we saw life in the bad kidney there would be a possibility of surgery. The Dr that completed the xrays said that he didn't have any reflux! PRAISE. Everyone that knows me knows that I would cringe nightly if I had to give him daily antibiotics, which with a good VCUG(xrays), means that is not something we have to do.


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