Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alabama and New Years!

It has been longer than normal for me to post. Mostly this is because of the overwhelming task of going through some 500 photos from our trip, and partly because I still don't have Christmas taken down in the Dominy house. I am however posting this before taking down Christmas.

On December 27th, we piled in our van with all of our things to survive a week from home and headed to Gulf Shores, AL. We took this first leg of our trip with a check engine light dooming in our minds. Glenn and I went back and forth on Sunday morning as to whether we should drive or not, but I was anxious to get to our vacation and our dear friends we were going to visit. The primary reason for the visit was Lachlan Steffek's baptism. He is my Godson, for which I am very proud! Our drive to AL was uneventful, and as good as it can be with a family of 5. The boys did well, and we only had to make one stop!

Our vacation was lovely. We had such a terrific time with our family, and the precious family time we were able to spend with eachother. We stayed in a beautiful condo on the beach. The weather was cold, so we didn't do much beach time, but it was wonderful to wake up with the views each day. I visited with Courtney each day, tons of fun time, but still not enough (which would be every day all year!). The boys went to a go-cart funplex, and Ayden had his first solo go-cart ride. We went to the aviation museum in Pensacola, which was a blast.

Then the Steffek's came and stayed with us for two nights at the condo. One of the nights was New Years Eve. The kids had their toast and noise making at 8pm. It was really fun for them, and us to watch! The grown ups actually made it until the real New Years Eve and watched area fireworks from the 9th floor (where our condo was). The kids had a blast and played well together. The babies coo'd, ate and slept well! The grown ups visited, played Wii, and drank wine together. We ate at some very yummy restuarants together!

I was sad to leave. To leave a perfect vacation, my best friend and the beautiful sites! We will definitely have to make a yearly vacation to visit! Good thing they live in such an amazing place!

I was able to cut it back to 105 photos for this blog, but it of course has to be in the form of a slideshow! Enjoy!

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