Thursday, January 21, 2010


So a post about our littlest boy is long overdue!

On Christmas eve Reid was 4 mths old and in a few short days he will be 5 mths! He has become quite the little character, finding a place in this busy house. He is a happy little boy. Content and smiley unless he is hungry or tired. He has also learned to eat his mama! He lunges forward and grabs my cheeks and then puts whatever is there (nose, lips, eyes or my cheeks) in his mouth. He would prefer to chew on them, but I rarely allow it!

He loves it when his big brothers play with him, and is not aware that the older boys are earning "daddy dollars" for keeping him content. He has gotten a tad better in the car. He has days where he sleeps perfectly, and days were he sleeps horribly. He is still very "allergic" to his mother eating dairy products, and he also is having her try to avoid soy. He isn't aware at how hard this is for her!

A few nights ago we had tacos for dinner. To replace the cheese on my plate I had a huge delicious avocado on my taco salad. Reid eyes our every move at dinner time and I thought, what the hey~ wonder if he would like this. So I squished a tiny bit of avocado with a whole bunch of breast milk and got a lovely green milky product. He was in HEAVEN! He had so much fun eating it and participating at dinner time. Since then he has: sucked (or tried to nurse) on an apple chunk, had some banana's squished in a bunch of milk and had a tiny bit of brown rice cereal (new product at the normal stores since thing 1 & 2 were babies). All of which he LOVES!

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, he will eat dinner with us if we are home. Somewhere between 6-7 mths we will add other meals in there as time allows. I would like to let Reid lead on what and when he eats, allowing him to get his nutrients from nursing for the first year. I want mealtime to be fun and explorative. I don't want to worry about how many jars he eat, if he ate enough, and why he isn't wanting to eat. I will make some of his food, and get the other delivered by sprout! I love the new things that are available that are safe, whole and good for my baby!

I am excited to embark on this food adventure!


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Melissa Mizell said...

Hey! We are giving Ainsley Sprout food too! She loves it!!