Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Six and a half years ago my husband became a father to our oldest little guy.  I knew from the moment I met him 11 years ago that he would be a great Daddy and he has yet to prove me wrong.

Let's start with the wikipedia definition: father is defined as a male parent of any type of offspring. I think he has that part down.  He has definitely parented his off-spring.  It does take it a bit further in the relationship section of the page: Most fathers are naturally protective, supportive, and responsible and are able to provide a number of significant benefits to themselves, their communities, and their children. Involved fathers offer developmentally specific provisions to their sons and daughters throughout the life cycle and are impacted themselves by their doing so.  Active father figures have a key role to play in reducing behavior problems in boys.  Glenn is all of these things and more.  He is involved, he is active, he is protection, supportive and loving to our boys.  He tries every day to be exactly what the boys need him to be: playmate, cuddler, friend, disciplinarian, coach, teacher, and DAD.

With Ayden he is challenged...a spitting image of himself with several of the same mannerisms and characteristics (can't wait to see how that plays out in ten years, I am sure with determination on Glenn's part).  With Mason he is tested...a reminder of me in a lot of ways.  Glenn smiles at the similarities and the attention Mason desires with every step!  With Reid he is silly and he catches a break.  Reid loves to laugh and giggle and besides going a mile a minute hasn't quite hit the years where is character requires too much thought and planning!

I am grateful at the gift I was given when God introduced us.  It is not easy to be all those things above and it is a full time, wait more than full time job, and Glenn works every day to better than the day before!

Enjoy a few snapshots of photos over the last 6 years...

Thank you babe for being a wonderful Dad!


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The family pic is so cute! The lady all colorful...and 4 boys!!! lovely blog

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