Thursday, June 16, 2011


It feels strange.  Being here, typing, editing photos, and putting our life into words.  The past 6 months have come...and gone, leaving memories embedded in our minds and hearts, but not on this blog.  I have been gone.  Have you noticed?  Some have, my faithful few, wondered aloud, "Why aren't you blogging?"  Life is why I haven't been blogging.  Do we all really believe that life is always beautiful?  Always something that makes you proud?  Always something that you want to remember, with each heartbreaking detail?

My family is good.  In fact we are stronger, more faithful, more proud of who we are then 6 months ago.  But it hasn't been easy.  I have said to friends that have asked that this blog has been a place where I marked memories, stored photos with their stories, and mostly smiled at the victories.  Life for the last 6 months has not been full of memories I want marked, not quite so many photos, and just recently we started smiling at the victories.  The victories have been great.  I am proud of my family.  For now I am here, typing and recording new memories.  Maybe over the next few months I will share our struggles, because these struggles mark a journey of faith and strength.  It is a journey where God and our commitments are being glorified.  It has been some of my hardest days, marked by God's voice echoing in my reactions and thoughts, carrying me through.  I have said it already, but I am proud.

Just a quick logistical recap:
Our biggest boy is 6.75 years old...if you ask him.  He currently has an attitude that is best described as "too kool for skool"!  He had a sweet, promising, exciting end to Kindergarten.  We will miss his teachers, but he is moving over to the "big" school and headed on to 1st grade.  He shined this Spring in K-ball, becoming more comfortable with catching and running FAST!  He is still swimming, making an All-star time in the 1st meat of the season.  I am so proud.

Our middle son (you know the one that talks really loud to be heard) is almost 5.  Where has the time gone?  It was surreal when my oldest past the half-decade, but my second!  He is following in his brother's footsteps, loving T-ball and Swimming.  He has an unbelievable sense of the game of baseball and a dedication that could take him somewhere!  He is a serious player, paying attention and having fun all at once.  He is swimming for the Seals this summer, as a cute little 4 year old, and holding his own.  He finishes all his raises somewhere in the middle of the pack, and doesn't like it when he falls into his brother's heat.  He knows he can't beat that crazy 6 year old time!  Mason is on his way to Pre-K next year and we can't wait to see what the big year of learning have in store.  I came back after adding the photos to add that this little man reminded Ayden and I about the "summer mowahks" have been warned.

And our littlest one turns two in August.  He is a crazy mess.  His feet move faster than his brain.  He just can't keep up!  He is simply adorable, dolling out kisses for anyone who says "I love you" and is talking up a crazy storm.  He is no longer the baby, the most noted milestone for this mama was the last time he nursed...about a month ago (tear).  As you will see in the pictures below~ our little man loves his paci and it makes an appearance in many photos.  He loves Wow Wow Wubbzy, repeating lines and asking for his show whenever he passes a TV.  He loved his Spring Mother's Day out class, and started swimming lessons.  Since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, he is a little fish.

My husband is a ripe old age, kidding, kidding, but his dad sent me some photos from 12 years ago today, and well, he is 12 years older.  He is an amazing Daddy, spending quality time with his boys, the parent most asked for.  He is working hard, making his family proud.  He still loves wakeboarding with a passion and has made a home out of the new Houston cable park on most weekends.  He has also started teaching Ayden how to ride!

And me, well I am working hard at being a good wife, a great mom, and a boss people like to work for.  I have an amazing family, inspiring friends, and wonderful support around me.  I am trying each day to wake up and be a woman that God is proud of, someday reaching Heaven and standing before God hearing "well done good and faithful servant".  I am working to find a home in a volunteer position with a local charity, that both me and my family can serve in regularly.

Our latest adventure found us in San Antonio at the JW Marriot resort in the Hill Country.  It was a beautiful trip with Glenn's parents and brother and his wife.  We spent our time at the pool, me at the spa, and Glenn playing a round of golf.  The boys had a blast and Mom and Dad just went with the flow...of the lazy river...those boys can swim!

Enjoy our latest photos...
 Sometimes they are the best of friends...

Doesn't Mason have the best job...little AND big brother all in one special boy!

A view of the beautiful pool and our private shelf!
 Our beautiful Tuesday spot
 And then there is the bond between these sweet.

A view of our land Tuesday spot

And when you need a break from the watch Wubbzy of course!
 A glance at the inside of our cabana
 Isn't the water beautiful???  It felt great in the 98 degree heat!

Our family of five...

Hubby had a good golf game on this beautiful course
Dinner of their and noodles.  


Melissa said...

YAY! So glad to see a post from you! : )

Kaylie said...

Stumbled upon your blog and this one caught my eye. I definitely agree with your reluctancy to post memories that you don't necessarily want to remember; I've struggled with that too. Even though I'm very new to blogging, I love that if I'm having a bad day, or memory, and I write about it, I know that in "x" amount of time, I can look back at that and see how far I've come. I enjoyed your writing. Take care.

Sara said...

Would LOVE it if you would link up some of your pretty pics to my photo swap party going on right now!!

Ava and Sara said...

I'm so glad I hit "Next Blog" - Cute family!

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