Friday, February 13, 2009

13 weeks

13 weeks came when we were in Colorado at Copper Mountain! Kim sent me the picture since I won't be in the office until Monday morning! I am really starting to feel like maybe I could be preggo. My 13 week pregnant self ski'd the mountain from almost the top- first time skiing! The "fluffiness" is really getting on my nerves...but I am making it further than I did with the boys.

Monday afternoon I have appt number 2! I will also be posting in the next week about our awesome trip and hopefully some pictures of our great new house!

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Cherie said...

I wish we had known you were up skiing! It would have been so fun to see you. Definitely let me know next time you're in CO. I'm so impressed that you skied pregnant. I tried skiing pregnant last year and felt AWFUL at high altitude. Hope you're trip is awesome.