Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Bye Pacifier

Disclaimer: My wonderful friend Courtney use this idea with her adorable Emma just a few weeks ago! Thanks Courtney!!!!

Mason said goodbye to his papas today. He has been on and off sick since Christmas- so this was long overdue. He did get a cold bug this past weekend, but we followed through today after school. He said goodbye to all of his papas before Ayden's tball practice, and a fairy came and left him a present when we were gone. We spoke about this fairy for some time, and he knew she took them to the babies. They also decided she had blue wings. He didn't cry for bed all out- just asked several times where they went. I almost felt like I was betraying him :o) Here are these sweet comfort items we gave him and then I was taking them away. But I digress. It was obviously time or I wouldn't have done it. My friend Megan said "you didn't want to be one of those moms people look at weird".


Aubrey said...

i can't wait to ask him about the pa-pa fairies wings!!

Kara said...

Austin dropped his last 'paci' in the toilet and I said it had to be thrown away and we did not have anymore. He looked at me and said "Ok Mommy, let's just go to Kroger and get some more."

Hope your paci break away time goes ok!

Anonymous said...

HaHa...I'm so proud of you! Great Job heather!